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Fish Report

Well, we sure got some of that much needed rain this week and along with the snow, it will be interesting to see how much the lakes recover going into summer. Needless to say we sure need the moisture, but could it not happen at a little warmer temperature. When you get to be a fossil like I am the cold-damp weather seems to go right through you.

It is hard to believe the start of the fishing seasons are here or will soon be. There has been a lot of activity down at the river as I said before and it continues to produce pretty good results. There are not many places where you have all the great fishing opportunities running right through the middle of town like we do. It sure gives youth something to do besides going cross eyed staring at a phone or I-pad.

The one real bad thing about the spring we are having (as I see a few snow flurries out the window) is whenever the winter weather holds on and on into late spring the wildlife can pay the price. If you leave the Lake Michigan shoreline and head north you will be totally amazed at how much snow is still out in the woods.

The DNR reports: Although early winter snow in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula was mild compared to the past few years, precipitation late in the season resulted in above-average snow depths that are continuing well into spring. These conditions are challenging deer in the region, and are expected to lead to lower survival and fawn recruitment rates than seen during the last few years.

Winter conditions are a significant factor for the U.P.’s deer herd. Mild winters, such as those experienced from 2010-2012, provide favorable conditions for over-winter survival and allow pregnant does to produce healthy fawns. Harsher winters with deep snows restrict movement and challenge energy reserves. Those conditions affect survival rates, particularly for deer living in harsher conditions, and put additional stress on pregnant does.

Due to the importance of winter conditions for Michigan’s deer population, weekly snow depth measurements are taken at various U.P. stations throughout the winter. This year, snow depths through January were below average, suggesting that winter may be mild once again. However, heavy precipitation in February and March left deep snows across the peninsula. Those conditions have extended well into April.

Biologists anticipate negative impacts to the deer herd when winter conditions persist longer than three months. Because of the heavy latewinter snowfall, U.P. deer are showing visible signs of winter fatigue, including thin body conditions and lethargic behavior. Biologists have already received reports of deer mortalities. Additional reports are anticipated in the coming weeks.

Population indices indicate that the deer population across the region experienced a low in 2009 following two consecutive harsh winters. The population has since been increasing. Although it is too early to determine the full impact of this year’s winter, biologists expect population growth will at least slow this year given the conditions.

Hopefully with this rain and if the weather warms up it will go quickly.

Here are a couple of helpful hints that you may want to try out if summer ever gets here and you have this type of problem.

If you have problems with those pesky little earwigs try this earwig trap. This tip for getting rid of earwigs or pincher bugs is to put vegetable oil or a cheap food grade oil into a tuna can. The tuna smell attracts the bugs, the can is low enough so they can get in easily, and the oil drowns them. This is an easy, low cost way of ridding your home and garden of earwigs without using pesticides.

One of the other ones I read that I found interesting is where they said for sunburn empty a large jar of ice tea into your bath water.

Or if you get a minor burn while grilling or roasting marshmallows try putting some toothpaste on the burn.

They also say for a burn on your tongue to put some sugar on it.

But one of the best ones of all is where they said if you have a problem with stinky feet to soak them in JELL-O. Of course I have to wonder if you get to choose what kind of smell you want to get from your now smell- free feet, the flavor may help you make your choice.

For those of you planning your summer travels you may relate to this. The morning was unusually hot and humid when the family started out on their summer trip. They had driven only a short time when the 10-year old remarked that she was thirsty.

No one answered so she said in a louder voice, “I’m Thirsty!” And for the next hour, she chanted, “Please stop for a drink, Daddy.”

Finally when his patience was exhausted, the father pulled up to a roadside stand which sold lemonade, root beer, and other soft drinks.

The child looked over all the signs and then said, “I think I’ll take popcorn instead.”

Have any of you parents ever been there?

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