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MAS student signs with West Point

Broullire nominated to prestigious academy

Kenner Broullire Kenner Broullire MANISTIQUE – Manistique High School senior Kenner Broullire won’t be spending his summer lounging near Lake Michigan. Instead, the lifelong Manistique resident will head 50 miles north of New York, where he will join other hand-picked seniors from across the country at the United States Military Academy, West Point.

After completing an interview process with Congressman Dan Benishek, Broullire received a nomination to, not only West Point, but the Navy and Air Force academies as well. He signed on with West Point on April 8.

“The school is obviously a great school and to be able to serve the country – be a leader in the United States Army someday has always been a goal of mine,” he said. “To serve the country and to be a leader – that school will help me get there.”

According to the West Point website, those chosen to attended the school – some approximately 1,250 a year – receive a fully-funded college education valued at more than $225,000.

“Everyone is on a full scholarship that goes there,” he explained. “There are only 4,000 students at West Point, so it’s pretty small.”

Broullire was also accepted to the University of Michigan, but decided to pursue a military career instead.

“It’s just a lifestyle choice,” he said.

Once a West Point cadet graduates, they are obligated to serve five years of active duty and then another three years in a “Reserve Component”.

Before school begins, he explained students take part in a physical program much like basic training. Broullire will begin this training July 1, on the approximately 16,000 acre campus. After completing the training, he explained he will stay on campus until fall, when his college courses begin.

“West Point’s pretty sheltered,” he said. “While you’re there, you basically stay on the campus – especially your freshman and sophomore year.”

The proximity to New York, and the distance from home doesn’t seem to worry the 18-year-old, who has visited the “Big Apple” before and visited the academy’s campus in mid-March.

“The distance doesn’t bother me,” he said. “I like change and seeing new things.”

He will, however, miss his hometown.

“I like it here,” he said. “As long as you keep yourself busy and involved … you find ways to have fun.”

And he has, indeed, found ways to keep himself busy. Over the years, the senior has played football, participated in track, and served on YETI, Teens Against Tobacco, Challengers Youth Group, the Manistique Glee Club, the Academic Booster Club and National Honor Society. He also participated in the senior class play and could be heard throughout the community playing piano at various events.

Despite his departure to another state, Broullire said his parents are supportive.

“It’s such a great opportunity and a great school, they encourage the idea of it,” he said.

His plans involve either majoring in economics or taking advantage of one of the academy’s better programs, such as political science.

“I’m excited for the opportunity and looking forward to representing the community of Manistique,” he said. “I would like to thank everyone for their support over the years, because I couldn’t have done it by myself.”

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Congratulations Kenner!

Congratulations Kenner! That's an awesome achievement!!

Congratulations, Kenner!!!

Congratulations, Kenner!!! You will be successful and be a leader. Always keep your eye's on the big picture and enjoy this opportunity. Look forward to hearing about your experiences!