2013-04-18 / Community

MAS calendar sees changes

MANISTIQUE – Manistique Area Schools’ year-end calendar has been changed, due to an unexpected number of weatherrelated closures, as well as poor attendance related to “Deer Day”. The state allows districts six inclement weather days and requires 75 percent attendance to receive state aid for that day.

On Nov. 16, the day after Deer Day, the district did not meet the attendance requirement. For this, the district has decided to accept the percentage difference penalty in the state aid.

However, the three additional snow days outside of the allotted six, as well as the day taken to travel to the district football tournament in Oct. will be made up.

The following changes will go into effect for the year-end:

-May 24 (graduation day): Students will now attend school this day.

-May 28, 29, 30, and 31: These are now full school days.

-June 3 and 4: These are now the exam days (students will attend school with an early-out of 1:30 p.m.)

Per the State of Michigan Pupil Accounting Manual, districts can apply for waivers for any time lost after April 1, to “conditions not within the control of school authorities such as severe storms”.

Manistique Area Schools will apply for such a waiver for the school closure due to weather on April 12.

“Thank you for your patience this year with the weather,” said Superintendent Kathy McDonough. “I assure you each and every snow day was carefully considered starting in the early hours of the morning – 3 to 4 a.m. – or the evening prior to a storm.”

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