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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

My education in city planning says to me that the opening of the new hospital is a good news, bad news situation.

Good news first, Manistique gets a much needed state-of-theart health care facility.

Bad news, the old hospital acted as a magnet drawing people into the downtown where they might shop, dine and bank. That magnet will now be gone.

The relocation of several hospital departments from rented downtown space leaves more empty space lessening the draw to the area.

Finally, the old hospital structure which served the area for 60 plus years is to be torn down. Has any adaptive reuse of this proud structure been considered? A new use of that space would bring even more good news.

Doug Freshner


Dear Editor,

I wanted to give a great big “thank you” to all of the mBank employees for their very generous monetary pledge donations for the numerous events over the last several months to support CBC and these great charities, along with all of your personal time volunteering and helping plan and work on the various fundraisers as well. Our efforts companywide raised over $11,500 this year. Also to all the other local individuals and businesses who financially support CBC in various ways and the many committee volunteers, including and last but certainly not least, my wife Victoria, who I know firsthand how many hours she puts in during these months to make this event a success in so many ways. What a great community event that would not be possible without all of your combined tireless efforts. This is surely something the community in whole should be very proud of given where these important dollars raised and time go, to better the life’s of those truly in need, especially the young folks at Bay Cliff Health Camp. A sincere thanks again to all of you, and I remain very honored to have been associated with this event throughout the years.

Kelly W. George

President and CEO, mBank


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