2013-03-28 / Outdoors

NRC works on wolf hunt plan

Requests input from DNR on wolf season

SAGINAW – The Department of Natural Resources has been asked to prepare a formal recommendation regarding a wolf hunting season in Michigan. The request came during a recent meeting of the Natural Resources Commission in Saginaw.

Upon the December 2012 classification of wolves as a game species, the NRC directed the DNR’s Wildlife Division to undertake a multi-faceted approach to developing a recommendation on whether a wolf hunt should take place, as well as the parameters of such a season.

“Interest in this decision is, understandably, very high throughout Michigan,” said John Madigan, of Munising, who serves as chairman of the NRC’s Policy Committee on Wildlife and Fisheries.

Madigan said the NRC intends to bring in out-of-state wolf experts to meet with his policy committee in May.

The 2008 Wolf Management Plan will serve as an important guidance tool for the meetings and for any season recommendation and parameters. Additionally, DNR staff is compiling an analysis of historic wolf-damage complaints; this analysis will inform the recommendation.

The DNR’s recommendation will be presented, for information only, at the April 11 meeting.

At its May meeting, the NRC, after appropriate consideration of all of the information it has received including the recommendations of the DNR staff, will consider whether to authorize a wolf hunting season.

Visit www.michigan.gov/wolves for more information.

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