2013-03-28 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, you sure have to admit there is finally a touch of spring in the air. Needless to say it seems everybody is about ready for it. There is still a lot of snow to melt, but at least the daytime temperature is working on it. In fact, this week is the first time the temperature stayed above freezing overnight, so we’re on our way. For a while there I thought we would be able to hold snowball fights over the Fourth of July holidays.

For us solar powered people our batteries can only work towards being on full charge with this weather.

People are already getting ready for the spring fish runs. Now is a good time to make sure you have everything together. Check out your boat, life saving equipment, and the boat trailer for lights. You also want to make sure your registrations are up to date.

You also want to remember this is the time of year to renew your fishing license.

Of course one of the big questions with all the snow we have to melt off is whether the smelt will run or not. Of course if they do run it will be a trick to find a place where you can legally go and find them. But I guess we will just have to wait and see.

There are those still going out on the ice trying to catch some fish. They are having both good and bad days. One day will be great while the next day they could have done just as well if they had stayed at home. I have always said as the ice gets bad in the spring the fishing gets good so just be careful of the ice conditions when you go out.

We saw some deer the other day but they were walking down logging roads because the snow was so deep off the roads. But it will not be long before they will be out next to the roads. As they move around you want to keep your eyes open for them going out looking for salt and grass along the road.

I guess as well as we humans that are more than ready for the snow to leave and spring to really be here so are all the wildlife out in the woods. It has been a long winter and when the spring is extended like this one has been so all the ground food is covered it is tough on everything out there looking for food. If you have been out in the woods you would realize that all the snow from this year seems to be layered. There will be soft snow and then a layer of ice, then more snow and a layer of ice. In some places there can be three to four such layers and it makes it almost impossible for animals or birds to dig through to get to seeds and other food. So let the snow leave and things open up.

There were some of us talking this week about the man out in New Jersey that won umpteen million dollars. Some of those there were saying how they would never want to win all that money with all the headaches that come along with it. This is true because in my travels I have come across some big winners that had nothing but problems after they won.

In fact, there was one lady I talked to that had everything you could think of go wrong from a daughter getting held for ransom to wouldbe friends coming after her money. The reason I had run into her was because she had written a book about all the problems winning all this money had caused her.

As the conversation went on I made the statement that I would sure like to come upon all this money. Wifee looked at me and said, “If you had all that money it would probably kill you.”

I said it may kill me but I could sure go out in style.

I said I could be hauled off in a bright hunters orange hearse. My casket could be made out of the finest cherry and would be lined with camo material. Then I could have my vault in the shape of my deer blind and I would be all set.

But I guess I will not have to worry about getting to spend all that money and will just have to continue to chug along with what I have. But it would be interesting if the old game warden all of a sudden had a suitcase full of money, and then find out how many friends that he never knew he had.

But if the truth be told, I would not trade what I have with Wifee, the kids, and extended family for all the money in the world. Needless to say Wifee and I have been blessed.

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