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Senior Center

Record breaking, record breaking, record breaking. Because of you, the many bakers that donated items to the Senior Center Bake Sale held for CBC this past Sunday, we are proud to announce we made a whopping $920.50, with 100 percent of the proceeds to benefit CBC.

The exciting part this year is the Senior Center will be receiving part of that funding to extend our Long- Distance Medical Transportation Program which services the elderly 60 plus. If you are needing a ride to the medical or eye doctors and don’t have family or friends available, we encourage you to contact the Center and we will see what we can do to assist you. All you have to do is call 341-5923.

Anyway, back to the bake sale. A great big thank you goes out to those that gave some very large monetary donations which boosted our amount. Those donating money or baked goods included: Nancy and Bill Cheney, Charlamaine, Jean McCormick, Sheilah Haskins, Helen Barton, Ursula Van Meter, Sharon Fish, Wanda McKenzie, Pat Bosanic, Ona Allen, Claire Sangraw, Betty Harding, Jane Kay Heminger, Shelly Beckman, Rose Merryman, Vi Sundling, Eileen Martin, Bernie Beaudre, Rosemary Sablack, Kim Chartier, Richard and Sally Musson, Barb Zenter, Carol Leny, Helen Creighton, Jean Louis, Deb Lancour, Betty Lasich, Edith Green, Liz Chartier, Rosalie Miller, Eileen Ruth, Lucille Boyd and Kristen Anderson.

I have to give you a heads up on things that we ran out of that were requested we increase for next year. This includes chocolate fudge with no nuts and peanut butter fudge. Another highly demanded item was the date bars.

A great big thank you to our volunteers who spent the day assisting me with the sale. Jean Anthony, Mary Burns and Jean Louis—you girls are great! Oh, I forgot one. My granddaughter Savannah Rose Neadow did a fabulous job also. Six years old is the start of another “future volunteer.

A big thank you to Rita Peterson for donating 46 crocheted hats for the CBC games.

Almost every family, one time or another, has to deal with a family member being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We all know how stressful it can be on a family. What exciting news to hear that they have recently formed an Alzheimer’s Support Group, which meets the third Tuesday of each month at the Schoolcraft County Medical Care Facility, in the activity room at 1 p.m. Don’t feel like you would be attending alone, as their first meeting had an attendance of three families and they have since received calls of interest.

If you missed the first meeting, I do know that one part of the discussion was requesting respite hours. Family members are looking for assistance in help with sitting with their loved one, as they run errands, go to the doctors, etc. Tina Burnis, who is the activity coordinator, contacted the Center requesting help. As you know in the past the Center offered this service, but no longer receives funding. If enough interest is shown, you know me, I will pursue it. I will keep you updated on my findings.

I want to share a question that was answered by and Elder Law Attorney that I found to be very interesting. Here goes:

Q: I am the legal guardian for a loved one. The care facility continually tries to list me as the guarantor. I have been told there is a difference between guarantor and guardian, and that I should not be held accountable for my loved one’s bills as he does have his own income and accounts as an adult who has worked all his life. The facility refuses to change the records. What should I do?

Brandon Fields, Elder Law Attorney, gave the following reply to “Ask the Experts”: A legal guardian is appointed by a court to make decisions for another person, generally referred to as the ward or protected person. In some states the guardianship is divided into a guardian of the person and guardian of the property or the person in charge of health care may be referred to as guardian and the person in charge of property may be referred to as the conservator. Regardless of the nomenclature used, the person appointed by the court as guardian or conservator is not responsible for the debts of the ward or protected person, absent some type of misconduct or fraud on their part regarding the handling of the assets of the protected person or ward. However, such liability can be created by signing a contract, such as a facility admissions contract, where you specifically agree to be responsible for the bills in the event the ward or protected person does not pay, a so-called “responsible party” or “guarantor.”

The federal Nursing Home Reform Law prohibits a facility that accepts Medicaid or Medicare from requiring another person to guarantee payment for the resident as a condition of admissions. However, they may need the person handling the finances to sign to agree to make the payments, and so any signature should say “as guardian for X, and not individually” or “as agent under power of attorney, but not individually.” Courts have held that where a person “voluntarily” signs such an agreement in their own name, but it is not required as a condition of admission, they can be held liable for payment, so you must be careful what you sign and how you sign.

Are you in need of a lift chair? The Medical Loan Closet, which is located at the Senior Center, has a blue one that is available for loan. We also have a motorized scooter to loan. Call 341-5923 for further information.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Dick Berger from Miles and Christine Behrend

• Ernie and Gustie Preuss from Bill and Nancy Cheney

• June Deuparo from Bob Wright

Maintenance and Support donations were received from Eileen St. Onge, Inez Kralik, Darryl and Jeri Bertrand, and Bea Berger.

BRIDGE March 18: 1st-Janice Redeker, 2nd-Helen Barton, 3rd- Audrey Savoie, 4th-Pat Flint, CFC-Ann Willcock. Hostess, Rosie Krall.

BRIDGE March 22: 1st-Janice Redeker, 2nd-Joyce LaTulip, 3rd- Carol Leny, 4th-Audrey Savoie, 5th-Lois Bellville, CFC-Hanna Mammen. Host, Larry Savoie.

PINOCHLE March 20: 1st- Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd-Peggy Beckman, Should’a Stayed Home-Sheila Haskins.

500 March 22: 1st-Char Turek, 2nd-Ruth Jones, 3rd-Chris Keener, Should’a Stayed Home-Carl Sundling.

Birthdays this week: March 29 - Cliff Barber and George Baker; March 30 - Jean Curran and Jerry Benish; March 31 - Mae Olson and Harold Paoli; April 1 - Janet Hamill; April 2 - Al Grimm and Pat Ozanich; April 3 - Pauline Cleary and Elaine Robere; April 4 - Joanne Daunt.

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