2013-03-28 / Community

Foolin’ around

Lois A. Corcoran

For your annual amusement I present, in alphabetical order, a whole new batch of April Fools’ pranks, schemes, and assorted mischief.

Cupboard Caper: Write the contents on the bottoms of your stooge’s canned goods with a permanent marker, and then remove their labels.

Dandy Candy: Replace the truffles in a gift box with your own concoction made by dipping zucchini chunks in baker’s chocolate.

Decorating Dupe: Deck your victim’s office in an unlikely theme of your choosing: Barbie, camouflage, etc.

Dental Decoy: Black out one or two of your teeth with electrical tape sized to fit.

Door Device: Move a door’s hinges to the opposite side.

Greeting Grief: “Remind” friends, relatives, or co-workers that your mark is celebrating a birthday.

Just Ducky: Buy a large quantity of rubber ducks and hide them all over your victim’s home, car, office, etc.

News To You: Save this year’s newspaper from April 1st and hand it to your stooge in place of next year’s.

Police Plot: Cordon off your victim’s cubicle with “crime scene” tape.

Powder Room Ploy: Surprise the next visitor to the loo with a floating note written on a short length of bath tissue. Then gift wrap the john and add a festive bow.

Real Estate Ruse: Plant a “For Sale” sign in front of your mark’s house.

Refreshment Ruse: Fill a coffee carafe or cola bottle with prune juice.

Sign Snare: (A) In a building with Push and Pull doors, replace the Push sign with one that says “Pull” and vice versa.

(B) Tack up a sign reading “Please Use Other Door” where no other door exists.

Siren Scheme: Hook up an alarm to go off when a cupboard or cabinet is opened.

Snap, Crackle, Pop Prank: Hide bubble wrap under scatter rugs or a welcome mat.

Sticky Situation: Invest in a roll of double-sided tape. Then secure selected items to your stooge’s desk.

Suddenly Sick: Place a quarantine sign on the door and yellow caution tape on the windows of your victim’s room or office.

That’s A Wrap: Wrap each plate, cup, glass, etc., in your mark’s cupboards with plastic wrap.

Wedding Wiles: Tie a “Just Married” sign and tin cans to the back of your victim’s vehicle.

That’s it for this year’s pranks. If you have any questions, please call my attorney.

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