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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

We hope you will once again allow your readers to join us in what might best be called a “Celebration of Care.”

That care is embodied by the residents and businesses in our three-county service area who work hard and unselfishly to see that residents who have fallen on tough times make it through our long, cold winters with a little less of a burden.

We’re referring to the Feb. 23 Walks for Warmth where residents raised funds to help those who are having a difficult time paying their home heating bills. Weeks of planning and work led to the raising of approximately $4,000 in Schoolcraft County. All funds raised in each county stay in that county to help residents, and all funds raised go directly to residents.

These funds are used for folks who have exhausted all other avenues of hope. Residents seeking help call our CAA offices to set up appointments. If they qualify after going through an extensive application process, we will send some funds to their home heating service provider.

The walks could not be possible without major sponsors. They are Hits 96.3, Hotflame Gas, Island Resort and Casino, Kewadin Casinos, Radio Results Network, Wisconsin Public Service, WJMNTV3 and WFRV-TV5. It’s just plain good support from good neighbors!

We can’t thank enough those people and businesses that are so generous in their support. But there’s much more. Thanks to all local media, including the Manistique Pioneer Tribune, who never left a request for coverage go unanswered. Thanks to the businesses that donated food items to warm our walkers before and after the walks. And a special thanks to the residents of Schoolcraft County, including CAA staffers and board members, who played a key role in seeing that the walk returned there after a several-year absence.

With state and federal funding cuts and an Upper Peninsula job market that is on a very slow rebound, it’s gratifying to know so many are so willing to help. Please accept our humble and sincere thanks! Bill Dubord and Cathy Pearson,


Community Action Agency,


Dear Editor,

In the March 14 issue of the Pioneer Tribune I was surprised to see mention of my brother Edward LaRose. Although pleased to see his name in print and that he hasn’t been forgotten this was not the fondest memories. Edward had a lot of experiences that many people will likely never forget and assuming you have a record of these events his name will likely be popping up for another 20 years or so.

What’s ironic about your “activities” column is the fact that many people spend all, or most, of their lives here. They work and play, raise their families, belong to clubs, are active in their work unions, make friends and do many things. And then they get old or sick or both and die; and all those things are forgotten except by friends and family.

I visited Ed when he was dying of a terrible disease. I know that he paid for his past transgressions with the law and I truly believe he paid for his sins. It seems patently unfair and unethical to me that the Tribune feels a need to regurgitate his old debts when he is not even alive to defend himself.

John LaRose


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I strongly agree. I was

I strongly agree. I was thinking the same thing as John, when I read it. I also remember reading about Linda who had embezzled money from the city, not too long after she died, and I thought to myself, "HOW HORRIBLE" it must be for her family to be reading this. The Pioneer Tribune does fail to report some things........What comes to mind, is that at a Council Meeting, it was brought out that one of the councilmen was NOT paying a water bill, nor taxes on his business in his home. It was called residential This would have been very interesting to the people in Manistique, don't you think? Especially, as the same councilman was re elected, and the sign came down from his yard, of his wife's business.