2013-03-21 / News

Making the grade

Pioneer Tribune photos Pioneer Tribune photos When middle school students took their Meap tests last year, Principal Shiner made a bet with them, saying if they raised four of five category scores, someone could shave his head. Well, the results are in and on Friday, a power point presentation indicated their level one and two combined scores showed they went from 54-65 in reading; 20-48 in writing; 15-20 in math; 10-4 in science; and 21-31 in social studies. Making good on his bet, Shiner allowed eighth grader Chantyl Strom to play barber. A side bet was also made by the eighth grade teachers, who said they would jump into the swimming pool fully clothed – from the diving board. Above, Strom shave Shiner’s head while Athletic Director Rob Ryan cheers in the background. Below, at left, math teacher Rob Schwartz readies for his jump while a newly-shaved Shiner laughs in the background. At right, English teacher Jackie Burns takes her “dive”.

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