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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago March 14, 1963

• An argument over a girl plus a dash through town with one youth on the outside of the car and two inside added up to a bizarre story this week. State Police reported that David Repp, 19, 211 N. Maple became involved in an argument in front of a bar with David Snyder, 20, and William Berry, 17, both of Germfask. Repp stepped in front of Snyder’s car and ended up on the hood - he said he had to jump there to avoid being hit, Snyder said he just climbed on - and the car started a mile-long drive “at high speeds” from the bar to the State Police Post, with Repp breaking off a rearview mirror and trying to break a window during the trip. The trio continued their argument in front of Trooper Clarence Haranda and began scuffing as the night patrol of Troopers Dale DeCoe and Hugh Fish arrived. Repp was taken to the county jail and charged with being disorderly, Snyder and Berry were sent home to Germfask.

• Swift action taken by State Police solved a break-in at the Hiawatha School Friday morning, with one arrest made Friday afternoon and two others Saturday. Walter C. Hider, 20, of 420 Riverdale, and Edward P. LaRose, 20, of Gulliver, waived examination in Justice Court Monday when arraigned on charges of breaking and entering in the nighttime. The third youth, a 15-yearold juvenile, is facing action by Probate Court. LaRose was arrested by troopers Hugh Fish and Robert Ward Friday afternoon, and Hider and the juvenile were apprehended Saturday. State Police said the trio were “riding around” and “had a few beers” before driving to the rear of the school, breaking a window and gaining entry. Hider cut himself in the process, and blood, fingerprints, boot tracks and tire tracks were plainly visible in the area, officers said. The youths pilfered desks, taking a total of $42. They overturned one desk and broke the lock with a baseball bat, and scattered papers and desk materials throughout the room. Justice Howard Magoon bound Hider and LaRose over to circuit court. Bond of $1,000 each was not posted.

• New City Manager Clarence A. Motz will start work Monday, March 25, Mayor Harold Carlson told City Council members at their regular meeting Monday night.

35 Years Ago March 16, 1978

• Tired. So tired. The seconds tick away. Into minutes, then hours, days and even a week. Always counting down to that one magical moment when the world’s record for continuos broadcasting by a single person will be broken. Two hundred and eight hours and 32 minutes. Eighteen-year-old WTIQ disc jockey Jay Mitchell is currently vying for the honors of breaking a world’s record. At press time he was successfully working on 131 hours. Sick, and tired, he pressed on. If Mitchell can stay awake until 10:32 p.m. Saturday, March 18, he will have successfully broken the record. And if he breaks the record, Jay Mitchell will be entered into the Guiness Book of World Records for the new worlds record for continuous broadcasting.

• New telephone service has been provided to the Parkington Road portion of General Telephone’s Gulliver exchange, according to Lois Reagan, the company’s division manager. “Approximately two miles of aerial cable has been placed in-service.” Mrs. Reagan said. “The new cable is designed to serve present customers now and to insure that sufficient lines are available for future customer growth,” she added. This service improvement and expansion project on Parkington Road in the Gulliver exchange required an investment of $14,400 by General Telephone.

• Parking meters in the busiest part of the Cedar Street business area are in a sorry state. The Manistique City Council was told Monday night. Councilmember David Vaughan said he made a personal tour of two blocks south from State Savings Bank and found 27 of 62 existing meters not working, and two more parking spaces that were missing meters. “It seems to me that it’s stupid,” Vaughan told the council. “I think if you’re going to have parking meters you’ve got to fix them.” He added that he could not see the city sending a meter maid around to check “meters that don’t work.” Councilmember Mary Moffat said that residents have come to know which meters are not working and are favoring those parking spaces. City Manager Robert Risik said he would investigate and report to council at their next meeting.

20 Years Ago March 18, 1993

• Michigan High School athletic trivia buffs may want to remember the name Bob Ryan. As Manistique girls varsity basketball coach, Ryan led the Emeralds to a Class C District Title last November. Last Friday, Ryan coached the Manistique boys varsity to a 76-73 victory over St. Ignace, earning his second Class C District Title in a single school year. Though other coaches have doubled up on District titles in one year, Michigan High School Athletic Association Historian Dick Kishpaugh said that Ryan’s feat is “extremely rare”. “It has never happened in Class A or B,” Kishpaugh said. “Such an occurrence is more common in small Class D schools, but even in Class D, it has only happened a couple of times.”

• Pedestrians may be strolling across a new Brewery Dam as soon as October. From the seven engineering proposals received, a “dam committee”, comprised of county officials, Economic Development Corporation representatives, and local engineering experts, selected U.P. Engineering to complete the construction work.

10 Years Ago March 13, 2003

• A special tradition returned to Manistique High School last week, when principal Mike Jarski announced the valedictorians and salutatorians for the Class of 2003. For years, Jarski used to present congratulatory cakes to the top students. That hasn’t happened for the past several years, but Jarski, who is retiring in June, wanted to reinstate the practice before his departure. Receiving cakes were co-valedictorians Paul Himes and Tara Bjorne; and cosalutatorians Aaron Hoholik and Melissa Beaudre.

• Students in Alison Matelski’s fourth grade class at Lakeside Elementary took a break from their studies last week to enjoy a pizza party sponsored by George’s Do It Best Hardware. The party was the prize the class earned for winning George’s recent cardboard house-building contest. The house constructed by the Lakeside fourth graders raised more than $130 in cash “votes” from the public. Altogether, the contest generated $750 in contributions for the local Habitat chapter.

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