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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The U.P. Regional Blood Center would like to thank the Amity Group and Ruth Annelin for hosting a blood drive in the month of January. As a result of everyone’s effort we collected an outstanding 42 pints of the “gift of life”.

We would also like to thank the people of Schoolcraft County for their generous donation. Thank you for helping us help those in need.

Sallie Coron,

U.P. Regional Blood Center

Dear Editor,

Most people think of the Elks Lodge as a purely social organization, but it is much more than that. Our local lodge is housed in an impressive structure built in 1909 in the heart of the downtown area, and is one of the landmark buildings in our community. The Elks is a distinctively American institution, founded on principals of charity, justice, brotherly love and fidelity. We believe in God and country, and are dedicated to serve our young people, veterans, and many charitable organizations. Through local contributions to our Elks National Foundation, and our state organization, your local Elks have been able to fund the Flag Pole Memorial at Central Park, send four children to Bay Cliff annually, and award annual scholarships to local students.

Your Manistique Elks Lodge No, 632 also contributes to many local programs and charities, such as: CBC, Manistique Little League, Drama Clubs at Manistique and Big Bay de Noc High Schools, US Forest Service Kids Fishing Day, Project Backpack, Drug Free Graduation Parties at Manistique and Big Bay de Noc Schools, Health Occupation Students of America, Manistique High School Football Golf Outing, Inwood Township Fire Auxiliary, Manistique Public Safety Fire Prevention Program, D.A.R.E Program, Schoolcraft County Fair, Boy Scouts, community Halloween party, community Christmas party, community Easter party, and the state level winners of the Elks Valuable Student Scholarships.

The members of the Manistique Elks Lodge No. 632 are proud to serve our community, an appreciated the support we receive for our Friday fish fries, the chili cook-off, chicken bbq’s, annual golf outing, and other fundraising activities. Your local Elks Lodge has been a part of the fabric of the community of Manistique and surrounding area for 100-plus years, and will continue to serve for many more. We are always looking for new members, and welcome you to visit our facility, get an application for membership, and be a part of a great organization. Hope to see you soon!


Andy Holub

Exalted Ruler

Manistique Elks No. 632

Dear Editor,

Well, President Obama gave us another bunch of untruths in his last state of the union address and he really exercised his “liar in chief” position. It is time for all Americans who can read and write to take note. How much longer do we have to pay the high gas and food prices, waste our corn products on an inefficient and damaging substitute fuel such as ethanol, suffer from the failed liberal Democrat housing programs that ruined our housing economy over the past several years, and specifically suffer from the ongoing “Obamacare” fiasco? All of these failed programs can readily be documented and can no longer be blamed on the Bush era. What’s Obama’s answer to the current higher gas prices? “Just drive less”. Remember when Obama lied to us about how his health care program (which no one in Congress bothered to read) would save us $2500 a year? Well, now it turns out the opposite is true. And remember the highlytouted pre-existing coverage plan? This program was supposed to last through 2014 but, guess what, it is now out of money, so forget that. It should have never been offered in the first place. Do you think it would be fair to be able to obtain fire insurance on your home after it burned down? How about the fairness of getting insurance for your automobile after you totaled it in a wreck. Have you noticed your declining paycheck lately from the 2 percent payroll tax increase? Didn’t Obama promise us no new taxes for those of us making under $250,000? Just hold onto your hat as more taxes are coming.

The Obama progressives endorse the ongoing slaughter of millions of unborn children and whine when terrorists are water boarded. Also, they cannot fathom dealing with the Patriot Act that authorized wire-tapping phone messages of our enemies overseas but they see no problem taking out our enemies, including U. S. Citizens, with their lethal drone attacks by killing them, without due process. Next, you will see the fallacy of “global warming”, cleverly disguised by them as “climate change”. This was already debunked years ago when it was proven the U.N. scientists were jury-rigging their figures to suit their agenda. Watch your electric bills soar enormously with this one as they perpetuate their new tax scheme, hidden under the previously failed “cap and trade” program that failed earlier in Europe.

Fewer Americans are working today than had jobs in the year 2000, despite our population growth of over 31 million since then. Over 49 million Americans are now on food stamps. Our true unemployment figure is closer to 15 percent if you simply count the eligible people who are not working, not the lower 7.9 percent the government claims by juryrigging their figures.

It is time we wake up America. We need to demand more from our politicians such as a fair tax, term limits for our leaders, better voter identification laws to prevent all the fraud and corruption, demand fairer media coverage, and specifically, we need to educate our low-information voting populace.

Phil Krumm

Johannesburg, Michigan

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