2013-02-21 / Sports

A new league in town

CUP Youth League joins Cal Ripken Baseball program

MANISTIQUE – Babe Ruth League, Inc. is welcoming Manistique to its team. Manistique is leaving Baseball Players Association program to join Cal Ripken Baseball.

The Manistique league said the decision to switch to Cal Ripkin Baseball came down to the style of baseball played. BPA was geared more toward tournament play, while Cal Ripkin is more league play.

The Cal Ripkin Division offers alternative field dimensions, the Cal Ripkin Major/60 Division with 60 foot base paths and a 46 foot pitching distance and the Cal Ripkin Major/70 Division with 70 foot base paths and a 50 foot pitching distance, providing a place for everyone.

Also, stealing and leading off base are permitted in the Major/70 Division. The 70 foot program allows participants to make an easier jump to the next level of baseball, and it allows them to enjoy a game that is more true and a better fit for them all the way around.

The Babe Ruth League program, including its Cal Ripken Division, has guidelines and rules that are designed to enhance the experience in playing youth baseball in an organized and disciplined fashion. The intent is to learn baseball fundamentals as a function of youth development through our national pastime. The organization looks to give every player an opportunity to compete, learn and enjoy the game in a sportsmanlike manner. And for the more talented players, there is an exciting tournament trail offering competition at the district, state, regional and World Series level.

Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball and Babe Ruth Softball are about the kids and in making dreams come true. For some kids, the hours spent on the diamond participating in local league or tournament play will be one of the most memorable experiences they ever have. This is why Babe Ruth League works very hard to provide them with a playing experience second to none.

CUP Youth Baseball is beginning its eighth season. The league has over 200 children playing from the Manistique, Cooks, Gulliver and Garden areas.

Registration dates in Manistique are March 19, 26 and 28 from 6-8 p.m. in conference room one at the Schoolcraft County Courthouse.

Cooks and Garden registration dates will be announced at a later date.

For further information, contact one of the league officers: Doug “Hawk” Erickson, president; John Miller, vice-president; Jason McEvers, treasurer, Scott Sprader, secretary or Jason Dougherty, board member.

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