2013-02-21 / Lifestyles

Serial dieter changes her name

Lois A. Corcoran

I’ve been a “serial” dieter since mom introduced me to solid food. No weight loss plan exists that I haven’t thrown my heart and spoon into.

Naturally, I took notice when a breakfast food company offered a new challenge to those of us in the wrong size bracket. “Lose up to six pounds in two weeks,” it claimed.

What caught my attention was the novel approach it took. Its commercial asks the question, “What will you gain when you lose?” To further the promotion, an empty dialogue bubble appears on the back of its products. Twiggy hopefuls write in their answer, photograph themselves with it, and upload it to the company’s web site.

Just for kicks, I visited its gallery to read what individual women hoped to gain. While many sought “confidence,” “energy,” or “good health,” one lady made no bones about it and jotted down “Men!” And then there’s the gal who wrote “31 Rubber Chickens”...

Inspired by the vast numbers participating, I tiptoed over to the business end of the site. There it set forth four plans to choose from, a daunting task.

Should I go for the “Classic Plan” for people who like the basics, or the “Mix it Up Plan” for those who crave variety? Heaven knows I’m in a deep chow rut.

Or should I opt for the “On the Go Plan” for busy moms and business travelers, or the “Chocolate Lover’s Plan,” which I gather is self explanatory.

If in doubt, we can take the online “Food Personality Quiz” to guide us toward the best method. I wonder if they grade on our curves?

Regardless of the plan chosen, the basic concept is to replace two meals with servings of cereal or other nutritious goodies sold by the company. Then add two of its snacks and unlimited fruits and veggies (or “freggies,” as I call ‘em).

Kind of a no brainer, but remarkably effective. At least I think so. I failed to find any results of others who’ve tried it.

The staggering variety of products offered by the company prevents boredom, the bane of us dieters. It also provides recipes for the normal meal allowed each day, in case we’ve forgotten how to eat one.

Thus, I signed up for the twoweek challenge and hope to be their first testimonial.

So now I’m a “cereal” dieter.

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