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Fish Report

Well, here we are already half way through February and needless to say the weather this month has been a little bit of everything. I think we had a little of every kind of weather just this past weekend. A weekend like we just had is perfect if one gets to just sit at home and watch it out the window. Of course there are those of us for some reason seemed to have something planned for just such a weekend that puts us on the road.

If you are one of those snowmobilers who after all the cold weather the last couple weeks have enjoyed racing your snowmobile up and down the frozen rivers be real careful now! In traveling around later in the week I saw where a lot of the rivers the snowmobilers were running now had a lot of water on top of the ice.

Also some lakes had a lot of water where the rivers ran into the lakes and some now have a lot of deep slush on them. So if you are running anywhere out on the ice please use a little more caution while you are out there.

Two of our grandsons came up to do some ice fishing with grandpa. It did not matter that on a scale of one to 10 I would just maybe score a 10 in my ice fishing ability and this would be on a good day. So being the all wise grandpa I am, I called a friend of mine that goes ice fishing all the time with his son who just happens to be the same age as my grandsons.

They took us out and coached the two boys in ice fishing and they had a ball. They caught a few nice fish and learned a lot about ice fishing and so did grandpa for that matter. So if they come up again hopefully I know enough to take them out myself, if not, maybe they learned enough to bail me out.

Remember there is an ice fishing contest out on McDonald Lake in Gulliver this coming weekend and the whole family is invited to take part. Also what makes this weekend all the more interesting for the family is that it is the free fishing weekend so if mom and dad want to go with their kids they do not need a fishing license to do so. So it is one less excuse you have for staying home.

Then the next weekend, Feb. 23, is the Little Jiggers Kids Fishing Derby right here in town. There will be a crew out there drilling holes in the ice for the kids and they can have a great time.

A lot of times you hear people say that there is nothing for kids and families to do around here so for the next couple of weekends get out and have fun fishing with them.

Last Saturday evening Wifee, two of our grandsons that were up, and I, attended an outdoor banquet at Bark River Bible Church and had a great time. It is always interesting how many people you run into at one of these that you have crossed paths with before. At this banquet it was no different. We met some people who used to live in our neck of the woods. Wifee spent the evening visiting with a girl who we knew from our trips to the Bill Rice Ranch years ago. The outdoor crowd is really a close knit group of people that always seem to have a great time whenever they get together.

My grandsons had never attended one before and they really had a great time. They also enjoyed the great variety of outdoor dishes that were prepared. Everything from a dish made with beaver meat to perch chowder and everything in between. And this does not include the great dessert table most of these banquets have.

I came across this and at first thought there was no way it could be true. But after you see the ads on TV for all those out there trying to find Big Foot it makes one wonder.

It seems there was this conservation officer that had this party stop by his house and in all seriousness asked, “Do I need a license to hunt vampires?”

At first the officer thought it was some kind of joke but after talking to the party for a while came to the conclusion he was dead serious. At least he didn’t ask what the bag limit on vampires was because then you would have to figure he knew where more than one was.

I have had a few interesting questions come up through the years but I would have to admit this one was a first to hear about someone that wanted to hunt vampires.

Remember that February is always one of the best months to get out there and enjoy all those winter activities, so get out there and have some fun.

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