2013-02-14 / Lifestyles

Snyder expands Mich. Medicaid

LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder’s fiscal year 2014 budget recommendation includes an expansion of Michigan’s Medicaid program, benefitting about 320,000 residents in the first year alone.

Snyder’s initiative, which is in accordance with the federal Affordable Care Act, contains safeguards that ensure the program’s financial stability and protect against changes in Washington’s commitment.

“This makes sense for the physical and fiscal health of Michigan,” said Snyder, who studied the issue thoroughly before arriving at his decision. “Expansion will create more access to primary care providers, reduce the burden on hospitals and small businesses, and save precious tax dollars. It also puts Michigan rather than Washington in the driver’s seat in terms of implementation, which allows us to better address Michigan’s specific needs.”

Expanding Medicaid to cover up to 133 percent of the Federal Poverty Limit means that routine and preventative health care will be provided to about 320,000 Michiganders in the first year. More than 470,000 will be covered by 2021, reducing the amount of Michigan’s uninsured by about 46 percent.

For more information and materials on Medicaid expansion in Michigan, visit michigan.gov/ mibudget2014.

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