2013-02-07 / Outdoors

Fish Report

Well, those of you that wanted some snow for your winter activities should be more than happy now. There is enough snow now to make the snowmobilers real happy. Of course, I would enjoy the snow more if we had just a little warmer weather to go with it.

But then again you could be up in Munising where they have way more snow than we do and it seems with each passing day they are getting more. The happy people are those with motels and other businesses that cater to the snowmobile crowd. But when you stop and think of the short period of time they have to make a go of it they better have a few good weeks.

At least they have enough snow to groom the trails good down here in the southern U.P. now. There are times down in our neck of the woods when those running the groomer have trouble finding snow to turn over.

Some words of wisdom if you are running snowmobiles, ORV’s or other small engine toys, you may want to make sure you are not using fuel that has any ethanol in it. There is a real problem with this blended fuel ruining engines in small engine vehicles. With all the money you have tied up in these, the extra cost of better fuel may well be worth it.

We are into the peak of the winter activity season right now with the month of February here. There are outdoor shows, ice fishing contests, and snow sculpture contests just to name a few. So you may as well enjoy the winter weather and the snow while it lasts.

If you are out taking part in winter activities always remember to play safe. From what I hear there have been seven snowmobile fatalities already this year. With the weight of all the snow on the ice now it can be interesting running a snowmobile on the lakes and rivers in some areas.

I was in a sporting goods store last week and had to marvel at how things have changed. Back in the “good old days” most ice fishing equipment was “home-made” or at least most of the ice spuds were made out at Inland. Now you can go into a sporting goods store and purchase everything you need to go ice fishing.

It makes one wonder if anyone out there would even have a use for an ice spud anymore.

In looking at some of the ice fishing poles in this store you would think someone took normal fishing gear and just shrunk it down. They have fishing poles now with first class reels on them. It is hard to believe all the gear out there.

What makes all this even more interesting is when you grew up you made your own fishing poles out of a tag alder, now to see everything can be store bought. How things have changed through the years.

Living up here in the U.P. one always has to come up with a way to get things done in his own way. Sometimes the best plans you have never seem to work out right so here are a couple of suggestions.

A mouse trap placed on the top of your alarm clock will prevent you from rolling over and going back to sleep after you hit the snooze button. It’s sure to work on even those that are not early risers.

You need only two tools up here in the U.P. to solve almost all your problems. You need only WD- 40 and duct tape. If what you are working on doesn’t move spray it with the WD-40. If it shouldn’t move and does, wrap it securely with the duct tape until it no longer moves.

If you run into a problem that you cannot fix with a hammer, it usually means you have an electrical problem. Or in some cases the job may just call for the use of a bigger hammer.

Back in the “good old days” before duck tape came along the repair tool of choice was called hay wire. This spool of wire could fix almost anything at least temporarily until you got home to fix it right.

In my younger days I saw tierods wired together and fixed long enough to get home. There were times when a part may just fall off your hunting truck so you just made some holes and wired it back to the main part of the truck.

So maybe if you are my age you should add one other item to your two tool kit. Just maybe you should have WD-40, (which is also a good fire starter in an emergency) (I have also seen it used for starting fluid when an ORV or snowmobile wouldn’t start) duck tape, and a roll of hay wire. If you have these three in your back pack, you are set for any Yooper situation.

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