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Fish Report

Well, here we are at the end of January already getting ready for the month when if we are going to have some winter weather we should get it. Of course, we sure had a cold snap for a few days last week, but we were lucky in that during the worst of it we did not have to go out and shovel snow. Now if we make it through February, we can look forward to March taking us into some nicer weather.

At least there is a little snow in some areas for the die-hard snowmobilers. Of course with the little snow there is in some areas it can be even more dangerous for those trying to set a land speed record. Also I was reading where a snowmobiler went out on the ice on Lake Superior and went through. By the time help got to him it was too late. So be careful while out on the ice at any time.

It has always amazed me to see ice fishermen out on ice so thin farther south where the ice has trouble holding up the waterfowl sitting on it right next to them. For some reason ice fishing on this type ice does not really interest me, no matter how good the fishing may be.

I think that the hunter safety instructors we have up here in the U.P. should get a big “ataboy” for the job they do year in and year out. The DNR hunting season report on safety went as follows and a report like this is always good news.

The 2012 hunting season saw only one fatality in the 15 incidents reported to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, making it the safest season in the last five years. While there were three fewer incidents reported in 2011, there were five fatalities in that year.

“We continue to emphasize the importance of the hunter orange law, knowing your target and safe firearm handling, and how they all are key factors in having a safe season,” said DNR Law Enforcement Division Chief Gary Hagler. “We also continue to encourage mentors to work closely with youth hunters to teach them safe firearm handling skills. One incident this year involved a hunter under the age of 10.”

The incident involving a fatality in 2012 occurred in St. Clair County on Sept. 20 when a coyote hunter reportedly shot and killed another hunter in an apparent accident. There were no hunting incidents reported in the Upper Peninsula in 2012, compared to three in 2011, including one fatality.

A total of three hunting incidents involved minors as the shooter, with the youngest being six years old. The six-year-old was unloading his firearm when it discharged and unintentionally struck his father causing a leg wound.

Also remember that Feb. 16-17 are free fishing days for the winter season.

You talk about a life changing experience I went through one this week. My daughter has two little girls and forgot to have a boy so when grandma and grandpa go down to see them grandpa has been known to be invited to a tea party! Now who would think an old gray haired fossil like me would have to sit down for tea with two little girls. But the one is not one of those that would take “no” for an answer. So we enjoyed our tea together. Just don’t tell anyone I had to do something like that.

Of course what can I say when Wifee moved into the technological age since Christmas. She now has a cell phone and a Kindle so the geeks of the world better watch out. For someone that thinks Duck Dynasty is a family reunion, what can I say?

Truthfully I don’t think I have laughed as hard at a TV program in years as I do when watching Duck Dynasty. For some reason it seems that the crew on this program fits right into my line of thinking. Or should I say how a lot of backwoods guys think life ought to be like. Other than the beards the guys on this program have it could be like going down home with Wifee.

Of course if you never had squirrel stew, frog legs, blackberry cobblers made with a southern touch, you have not lived. In fact, if you never had Sunday southern fried chicken in an old cast iron frying pan, cooked in a little two-three room tar paper shack way back in the hills of the Ozarks, you have not lived. Life cannot get any better than this, as my taste buds tell me while thinking of going to Wifee’s Aunt Thelma’s for Sunday dinner for her fried chicken.

You watch how Miss Kay cooks on Duck Dynasty and you will see how life is “down south” in their backwoods. Or should I say how life should be, to get back to the “Good old days”.

Somehow I don’t think the guys from Duck Commander are going to get invited to the White House anytime soon. Of course I can think of a few other people I know that may not fit in with the White House crew either.

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