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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago January 31, 1963

• Three elderly Manistique women were hospitalized after being overcome by furnace fumes last Wednesday evening. Taken to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital were Mrs. Sigrid Holmquist, 68, of 211 N. 2nd Street; Christina Christensen, about 80, and Mrs. Thora Reque, 88. All three were discovered, unconscious in Mrs. Holmqist’s house shortly after 9 a.m., by a neighbor, Mrs. Henry Gagnon. City police, the ambulance, and Dr. James Fyvie were called. Miss Christensen and Mrs. Holmquist were still hospitalized yesterday. Officers said two loose bricks partially blocked the chimney, allowing oil fumes to escape into the house.

• A fire that started in a chimney in the attic completely destroyed a twostory frame house on the River Road Saturday afternoon, leaving Mrs. Lemia Rushford and her seven children homeless. The building was half destroyed by blaze when firemen arrived, and they were able to save only several out buildings. The house was owned by Mrs. Lola Lockhart of Muskegon.

• An outstanding display of model antique and hot rod cars has been in the window of Brownie’s Newsstand recently. Builders of the models were Bruce Skidds, Mike, Chris and Bill Orr, Robert Hood, David Vaughan, Timmy Van- Gorkom, Boyd T. Widdis, John Buzzo and Don McNally.

• Manistique’s Dewaine Dixon was the first fighter to be crowned with a championship during this year’s Golden Gloves tournament held in Escanaba Saturday night. The second win for Manistique came from Don Rochefort when he decisioned Don Kallio of Escanaba.

• Recreation Director Dick Bonifas reported a good turn out of young skiers at the ski hill, near the Tannery Location, and said the ski tow there has been operating well. The tow is in operation every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and after school when skiing conditions are good and there is a good turnout. The skating rink is also drawing large crowds, Bonifas reported. The Youth Center is open during skating hours and is being used extensively by youngsters for ping pong, checkers or just resting. Bonifas said not much interest has been shown in the hockey program thus far. Boys interested in hockey should report to John Schmidt at the hockey rink, located between the football field and Cardinal Field. If there is no interest, the rink will be open to general skating.

35 Years Ago February 2, 1978

• The air was moist but clear, Wednesday night, Jan. 25. The weather gave no preliminary indication of its coming change. However, on Thursday morning nature began a two-day power play which blew nearly 12 inches of snow at hurricane-force winds into the Manistique area. Only the foolish or the desperate either walked or drove in the storm. Thursday, visibility on US-2 was about 20 feet. All schools in the county closed and so did most businesses. The public safety department announced Thursday morning that no person should leave their home unless it was an absolute necessity. How bad could it get? Many people said they stayed home during the storm to watch the snow drifts build into six and ten foot heaps. Many doors were blocked by snow. City police said they were using a private four-wheel drive vehicle as an ambulance during the storm. Don Brock, David Vaughan, Milton Herro and Frank Hentschell were using their four-wheel drive vehicles for patrolling and general use. Police said some medicines were delivered and one ambulance run was made to transfer a person who had died of natural causes. Almost 250 calls were received during the storm, city police said. Costs to Schoolcraft County from last week’s blizzard will be in the tens of thousands of dollars, according to information from local insurance agencies.

• With county roads blown shut, snowmobilers became Good Samaritans. On Saturday, a team of snowmobilers evacuated a couple from their cabin on Flodin Rd. near Grass Lake in Thompson. The couple stricken with the flu, was nearly out of fuel when the team arrived. Hauling two dog sleds to transport the couple, machines driven by O.J. Herro, 17; Kirk Stanley, 18; Harvey Bridges, 17; Kevin Tweedie, 15; Denny Pierce, 15; and Ernie Tweedie made a two mile link between the cabin and a city ambulance that had gone as far as it could on the gravel dead end road. The couple were admitted to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, but names were not released.

20 Years Ago February 4, 1993

• According to a Michigan department of Natural Resources representative, Manistique Papers, Inc. is not the sole source of PCB contamination in the Manistique River’s ecosystem. “We do have documentation of one sample release of PCB’s from the City’s waste water treatment plant,” said DNR Environmental Quality Manager Dr. George Carpenter. Carpenter added that other sources could also be responsible for the PCB Contamination in addition to the waste water treatment plant and the paper company. The discovery of multiple sources of contamination has led to a change in the EPA site name from the “Manistique Papers” to the “Manistique River” site, at the request of the paper company.

• Volunteer firefighters and Manistique Public Safety officers responded to four separate fires in the area last Friday, with three of the blazes occurring during the same hour Friday afternoon. In perhaps the most devastating fire of the four, the Cousineau family home on Kendall Rd. was completely destroyed.

10 Years Ago January 30, 2003

• It took until the evening of Monday, Jan. 27, but Schoolcraft County finally got its first significant snowfall of the season. It came in the form of a rather isolated lake effect storm that dumped several inches of snow on Manistique, considerably more in Gulliver, Blaney Park and other points to the east--all of it accompanied by considerable blowing and drifting.

• The final legal steps were taken Monday night, as the board of Woodland Meadows Assisted Living, Inc. held its first meeting, elected officers, and approved financing for the 20-unit facility that is now being built on Intake Park Rd.

• Manistique swimmers were victorious, school records fell and parents were honored during a dual meet against Ishpeming/Negaunee Jan. 23. For the third time this year Eric Hamill broke his school diving record, with a new score of 231.7. Adam Bauer also had an exceptional night, as he broke the two school records he set in 2002. Bauer snapped the 500-meter freestyle record with a new time of 6:04.49. He also broke the 200-meter freestyle record of 2:11.09, posting a new time of 2:08.93.

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