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Senior Center

The Manistique Senior Center would like to give a great big “Thank You” to the Jules Rivard and Clyde Chartier families for having memorials directed to the Senior Center. To think of the Center when they have something so tragic going on in their family says it all. We will miss Jules dropping by with his faithful monetary donations, along with Clyde’s huge smiles. I was told these two guys were best of buddies. The Chartier and Rivard families should be proud of what these two men have done for the Center. The Center will be around for years to come thanks to the families that are so generous! Our thoughts and prayers go out to each and every family member.

Oh my gosh! Where did January go? Our Annual Hotdog Roast is fast approaching. Thursday, Feb. 21, will be one busy day. If you haven’t attended this event, you might consider doing so. The cost is $5, which includes char-roasted jumbo hotdogs right off the grill, homemade potato salad, baked beans and all the fixins’. We encourage you to save room for the homemade hot fudge ice cream cake. We will have a few gift giveaways as always. We are always looking for more donations.

If you are interested in volunteering, you are welcome to join us on Wednesday, Feb. 20, to prepare some of the food and make the final touches. We will be doing this following the Noon Meal. If you are lucky, you will be chosen to chop onions for the potato salad. Heehee

The Front Yard Gang will be entertaining. They have been fantastic about donating their time, so please make sure they are aware of how much they are appreciated.

The Center is all decorated and ready. A great big thank you goes out to Len and Mary LaFleur. They put a lot of time into decorating each month.

Oh, how I miss my sister and brother, who were both younger than me. I miss the phone calls, the laughter, the stories, the visits, etc. I am sure I am not the only one who has lost someone dear. Whether it has been three months or three years since your loved one died, please consider joining the Good Grief Six Week Series Group that will be meeting at the Senior Center, 101 Main St., on Tuesdays from 5-6:30 p.m. There is no cost to join this group. It will give you the chance to learn coping strategies, understanding of grief’s journey and share stories with others who care. Call Carole Cooper at 341-3805 for further information. As I have said before, if you do not feel comfortable attending alone, I would be happy to attend the first session with you.

Can you share your recipes with us? The Center is in the process of making a cookbook and needs your help. Could you please bring in three to four of your favorite family recipes to share? Feel free to add a short note about your family member or why the recipe was special.

For your own sake, develop the habit of checking your credit card each time it is returned to you after a transaction. Let me share a few scenes with you:

Yesterday I went into a pizza restaurant to pick up an order I had called in. I paid by using my Visa check card which, of course, is lined directly to my checking account. The young man behind the counter took my card, swiped it, than laid it on the counter as he waited for the approval, which is pretty standard procedure. While he waited, he picked up his cell phone and started dialing.

I noticed the phone because it is the same model I have, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Then I heard a click that sounded like my phone sounds when I take a picture. He then gave me back my card but kept the phone in his hand as if he was still pressing buttons. Meanwhile, I’m thinking, I wonder what he is taking a picture of, oblivious to what was really going on. It then dawned on me; the only thing there was my credit card, so now I’m paying close attention to what he is doing… He set his phone on the counter, leaving it open. About five seconds later, I heard the chime that tells you the picture has been saved. Now I’m standing there struggling with the fact this boy just took a picture of my credit card.

Yes, he played it off well, because had we not had the same kind of phone, I probably would never have known what happened. Needless to say, I immediately canceled my card as I was walking out of the pizza parlor. All I am saying is be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Another scene:

A man at a local restaurant paid for this meal with his credit card. The bill for the meal came, he signed it and the waitress folded the receipt and passed the credit card along. Usually, he would just take it and place it in his wallet or pocket. Funny enough though, he actually took a look at the card and, lo and behold, it was the expired card of another person. He called the waitress and looked perplexed. She took it back, apologized, and hurried back to the counter under the watchful eye of the man.

All the waitress did while walking to the counter was wave the wrong expired card to the counter cashier and the counter cashier immediately looked down and took out the real card. No exchange of words, nothing! She took it and came back to the man with an apology. Verdict, check the name on the card every time you sign for something and/ or the card is taken away for even a short period of time.

A great big thank you goes out to my niece Brandi Smith for sharing this with us.

A big bowl of soup along with dessert, how can a person go wrong, especially with the snow we have been bombarded with. If you get the chance, drop by the Center on Sunday, Feb. 10, for the Eva Burrell Shelter fundraiser, they will be serving a wide variety of soups and desserts from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Do you need your toe nails clipped? North Woods Home Nursing will be at the Center on Wednesday, Feb. 13, to provide this service. The cost is $12.50 and you are asked to bring your own towel. To make an appointment, call 341-5923.

The Center offices will be closed on Monday, Feb. 18, to observe President’s Day.

Shirley Young recently gave a donation of audio books and Clarice Becks and Nancy Cheney donated gift giveaways. Cora Lutzenberger donated a quad cane to our Medical Equipment Loan Closet.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Clyde Chartier from Edith Greene, Don and Nancy MacPhail, Leonard and Mary LaFleur, Jim and Patti Hoholik, Kim Chartier, Bob, Pauline and Robby Klarich

• Bob Lasich from Jerry LaVigne and Edith Greene

• Jules Rivard from Jim and Patti Hoholik, and Edith Greene

• Dr. Duane Waters from Joyce Butler

• Charles Dyer from Edith Greene

BRIDGE Jan.21: 1st-George Lowman, 2nd-Hanna Mammen, 3rd-Pat Flint, 4th-Larry Savoie, CFC-Audrey Savoie. Hostess, Nancy Brown.

BRIDGE Jan. 25: 1st-Nancy Brown, 2nd-Jane Leonard, 3rd- Joyce LaTulip, 4th-Pat Flint, 5th- Betty Stewart, CFC-Mary Ann Thorell. Hostess, Audrey Savoie.

PINOCHLE Jan. 23: 1st-Peggy Beckman, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd- Sheila Haskins, Should’a Stayed Home-Nancy Casey.

500 Jan. 25: 1st-Nancy Casey, 2nd-Don’a Nelson, 3rd-Carol Shampine, Should’a Stayed Home- Teddy Bouchard.

Birthdays this week: Feb. 2-Charlene Husar, Feb. 3-Eunice Olsen, Feb. 4-Caroline Howard and Loretta Norbotten, Feb. 5-Mary Carlson, Feb. 7-John LaTulip and Velda Wheatley. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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