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Fish Report

Well, I guess for me personally we have had enough ice building weather for a while, so it can warm up anytime. As I sit here doing my article it has warmed up from -11 on my computer to a whopping -2, after the sun has been out all morning. Now below zero at noon is just too cold for this old Yooper.

With as cold as it has been the last couple of days it is even too cold to enjoy the outdoors with the wind and chill factor. Needless to say it would be rather cold riding a snowmobile or ice fishing out in the open on a lake.

But the positive thing about this cold snap is that during the worst of it we have not had that much snow. It would be rather cruel to have to go outside to use either a snow shovel or a snow blower. What makes it even more interesting is those people “down south” that are freezing in the 30s and 40s. It is so cold down there it is even affecting some of their golf games.

This week I want to follow up on an article I read in the paper a while back. “The Forester” had an article about the value of having the timber cut on your property and it was an excellent article.

This past summer we had some cutting done on our property and being the kind of person I am, I always wonder just which way to go. As he stated in his article there are a number of ways to go about getting the job done.

What we wanted was to get the property cut so we could get rid of a lot of the junk trees, some over mature trees, and some of the beech because of the beech disease. Yet we still want what is called a “sustainable forest” so we could continue to enjoy the property like we always have. We did not want a “clear cut” or a mess when things were done. I wanted the walking trails we enjoy to still be there and some open areas for some food plots.

One way we looked into doing it was to have a forester come in and scale and mark the trees then put it up for bids to some loggers. The advantage to do things this way was that you would know what you were going to make up front and both parties have their reputation at stake so usually do a good job.

The forester that looked at our property was Dan Farnsworth. Dan came up and walked the property with me doing a fast scale of what was there to give me an idea of what he thought. He also supplied me with a list of those that would be bidding on the job.

A good friend of ours had some cutting done too and they used Bruce Veneberg. This party was real happy with the job done and they had their property cut a number of times before.

If you go this way the forester you hire gets a percentage for taking care of everything from the marking of the trees to be cut, putting it out on bids, and seeing the job is done right. But as I said with this method you know up front what you will be making.

We decided to go with a second method of having your property cut. This is where you have a forester come in and mark the timber to be cut, set up the cutting, and the hauling of the timber. With this method you sign a contract as to what you will receive for the timber when it is cut and graded and sent to the mill. You also know what you will receive per cord of pulp and any loads of bolts that are shipped.

In going with this method we went with Charley Macintosh of Nahma. There were a number of reasons I decided to go with Charley but the main one was I had observed some of the work he had done for other people in the area.

Charley came in and marked the trees and we talked over just what I wanted done. We also had to leave a buffer area around the lake.

There were a few unique things I wanted done. There was a big cherry tree that had some rot on the bottom hanging over camp that had to come down. There were also a few places where we wanted openings so I marked some trees I wanted cut. All in all we were well satisfied with the way the cutting went.

With the prices as they were when we cut we made way over the goal we were shooting for. In fact we were a good 30 percent above over goal. By using Charley we dealt with a Kretz Lumber company down in Wisconsin as the buyer and/or the payee. I also want to say that the people at Kretz Lumber Company were prompt and paid right away. I feel this is so important for two reasons, we wanted to pay off the mortgage and the size of the checks. Let me just say for someone my age I was receiving some of the largest checks that ever came my way.

While sitting in my deer blind overlooking the area that had been cut I was sure glad with who we went with and how it looked. I know I about drove Charley nuts at times but all in all I am happy with the job that was done in my little corner of the world.

Let me close by saying there are a number of other people that may do a great job in our area if you want something cut, but these three I talked to and know from personal experience. I also want to thank Dick Johnson for letting me stop by and going over things with me because I have to admit some things are way over my head.

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