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Another new year! Are we ready for it? With this comes preparation of our tax filings. We all know how fun that can be. At least the Senior Center is on the better end of the deal. We prepare “credits” where you get a return if you no longer have to file state or federal if you fit into the guidelines.

The Center is once again gearing up to assist Senior’s age 60 or older. We ask that you do not bring your information in without placing it in a large envelope, as we do not want any information to get misplaced.

We will once again ask for a $3 donation per form. If receive the forms in a timely manner, we have scheduled the following dates to complete forms at the following places:

• Heritage House – Thursday, Feb. 14, by appointment. (Sign up in hallway.)

• Germfask Senior Center/ Germfask Senior Housing – Thursday, Feb. 14, (Sign up in hallways.)

• Harbor View Towers – Friday, Feb. 15, by appointment. (Sign up in hallway.)

If you are under the age of 60 and need assistance with your forms, we encourage you to contact Don Tyrell at his Community Action Agency office, which is located on the second floor of the courthouse. His telephone number is 341-2452.

AARP will be sending Tax Assistance, Jack Olson to the Center on Thursday, March 14, for those of you who do have to file state and federal forms. To make an appointment you must call (906) 293-8467.

With it being so cold outside this morning as I am writing my column, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Eva Burrell Soup Luncheon which will be held at the Center on Sunday, Feb. 10, from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. What a treat on a cold winter day. They will have various types of soup and desserts. If you cannot make it, I am sure they would gladly accept a monetary donation or a tray of desserts or maybe even some of your homemade soup. Give Anna a call at 341-6455.

It is “weinie” time! Our Annual Hotdog Roast is on the calendar for Thursday, Feb. 21. It will take the place of our monthly potluck. The cost will remain the same, which is $5 per person. There is nothing like a jumbo roasted hotdog right off the grill, homemade potato salad, baked beans and all the fixings, along with Guerda Frenette’s homemade hot fudge ice cream cake.

Entertainment will be “The Front Yard Gang” who will begin at 4 p.m. Dinner will follow at approximately 5 p.m. Call a few friends and invite them to join us!

Recently finishing the preparation for the County Annual Report, I thought I would share a little information with you, our millage passers.

Let’s start with the Homemaker Aide Service, which is housekeeping for the elderly, allowing them to stay in their own homes. You must be age 60 or older. These duties consist of the harder to do tasks such as mopping, vacuuming, changing bed linens, cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, etc.

For 2012 we provided service to 41 unduplicated clients. This service is provided by a donation scale, which allows us to put the money back into the same service, such as mileage for our girls, etc. Services were provided to Inwood, Manistique, Germfask, Hiawatha and Doyle townships. We saw increases in Inwood and Germfask townships.

If you are interested in this service, you need to call the Center at 341-5923. An appointment is scheduled to do the necessary paper work before you are scheduled.

For those of you who are able to pay for this service, as the grant money is limited, you can sign up for our Private Pay Homemaker Aide Service. To receive this service, you will sign a contract where the Center will provide services for $13.50 per hour.

Our next service I am going to talk about is the most requested. It is our Long-Distance Medical Transportation Program. We provided services to 38 clients for 2012. Transportation runs were to Marquette and Escanaba, etc. to see medical doctors, eye doctors, etc.

We provided 220 units of service. Here comes the bragging part. Our drivers are volunteers. Volunteer drivers have donated 65,950 hours and have logged 20,908 miles for 2012. We are the only Senior Center in the U.P. that I am aware of which provides this service.

This program is also by monetary donations. Drivers do receive 0.56.50 cents per mile. In order to qualify for this service you must be 60 years or older. Questions will be asked when you call for a ride such as, do you qualify for Veteran’s, Human Services, American Cancer Society, Tribal Services, etc. If so, you have to go through their service first. If you are denied, the organization from which you were denied has to call the Center to verify so. We will then provide those services also. This allows not only us, but the other organizations funding to go further and not duplicate services. You must be able to get into a vehicle by yourself. Our drivers will give you some assistance, example: getting your walker out of the car. There are no words to express the appreciation of these drivers.

Drivers are always needed. Steps to become a driver are:

• We call you asking if you can take a run.

• You have the opportunity to say “yes” or “no.” Do not feel bad about saying no here and there.

• If the answer is “no”, we will contact the next driver on the list. This allows our drivers to go as they care to.

Another interesting service we provided this past year is the Homestead Property Tax, Rental and Heating Credits. By providing this service the Center brought in a total of $12,330 refunds in the county for 2012. We assisted 52 clients.

By now I am sure you are bored with me. Let me think, what shall I write about next week! Here’s to wishing you a great week.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Carl and Phyllis Carlson from Tom and Bob Carlson

• Elsie England from Bill and Nancy Cheney.

BRIDGE Jan. 7: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Ann Willcock, 3rd- Larry Savoie, 4th-Lois Bellville, 5th-Hanna Mammen and Pat Flint, CFC-Judy Provo. Hostess was Pat Flint.

BRIDGE Jan 18: 1st-Audrey Savoie, 2nd-Helen Barton, 3rd-Pat Flint, 4th-Larry Savoie, 5th-Jane Leonard, CFC-George Lowman. Hostess was Patsy Calhoun.

DUPLICATE BRIDGE Jan. 9: 1st-Ray and Rosie Krall, 2nd-Larry and Audrey Savoie, Tie 3rd-Hanna Mammen and George Lowman and Nancy Brown and Jackie Villemure.

PINOCHLE Jan. 16: 1st-Nancy Casey, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd- Audrey Newborn, Should’a Stayed Home-Perry.

500 Jan. 18: 1st-Sheila Haskins, 2nd-Carl Sundling, 3rd-Peggy Beckman, Should’a Stayed Home- Teddy Bouchard.

Birthdays this week: Jan. 26-Rita Peterson, Jan. 27-Carl Louis, Jan. 28-Donna Walker and Joe Bosanic, Jan. 30-Vera Popour and Doris Alexander. Happy birthday wishes to all.

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Connie, I enjoy reading your

Connie, I enjoy reading your column on my computer. If I remember correctly, I paid for the newsletter that you send out every month for 2013.(i will check my checkbook one of these days) I do not know if Charley and I are elegib le to go on the casino bus trip in May, but I would like to know the dates and the cost as we will be coming for a visit to Manistique in May again this year. If things had been different, I would still be in Manistique, enjoying a different kind of enjoyment that I am having here. Keep doing what you are doing for the Seniors. I am enjoying visiting Senior shutins for the Church that Charley and I are members. and doing volunteer work and enjoying the visitors from the North. Sincerely, Fern