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Do you have sitting disease?

Kerry Ott Kerry Ott MANISTIQUE – While sitting disease is not a recognized diagnosis, the term adequately describes much of what is making us sick: we are sitting too much.

In 1900 in Schoolcraft County, the lives of area residents were filled with physical activity. Stories are told of lumberjacks starting their more day at 5 a.m. with buckwheat pancakes, percent a variety of meats, sauces the and breads. The lumberjacks would who work on timber throughout the day day. - taking breaks for two more large meals - and be asleep by 9 p.m. For six days a week they would to participate in strenuous physical work activity for about 12 hours a day. each Those who weren’t lumberjacks of were physically active throughout each their day just by tending to the daily spend needs of life - laundry, cooking, walking, making bread, cleaning, and even If getting to the market typically required minutes going on foot or hitching up don’t the horses. for

Today in Schoolcraft County, maintain about eight hours of waking time work are spent in completely sedentary (sitting) behaviors (from hour JustStand.org). Thanks to technology, you’re there is no need to arise more from a chair to change the television channel or to answer the your phone. Machines will even sweep and mop our floors and knead our the bread.

In a study published in 2010 (American Journal of monthly Epidemiology, (2010), 172(4), pg and 419-429), it was reported that sitting for long periods of time has Alger, the same negative health effects Department, on those that exercise regularly week’s and those who don’t. Stated simply, MA, a 60-minute workout at the gym (while greatly beneficial) Strategic will not offset the health risks of Project sitting much of the day.

The risks associated with sitting are alarming: Men who sat more than six hours a day were 48 percent more likely to die during the time of the study (1993-2006) from all causes than their standing counterparts.

Women who sat than six hours a day were 94 more likely to die during time of the study than those sat less than three hours While most employers are unlikely to change all workstations treadmill desks or standing desks, it is important for person to be more aware the time they spend sitting day and to make a point 5-10 minutes of each hour stretching and standing. you’re already putting in 60 of exercise most days, give that up - that’s needed cardiovascular health and a healthy weight, but to incorporate more standing and moving around into each throughout the day. Also, thinking about adding exercise into your daily routine, don’t forget to check with physician first. Note: No chairs were used writing of this article.

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Editor’s note: Check U.P. is column featuring doctors staff from Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, the Luce, Mackinac, Schoolcraft District Health and others. This column features Kerry Ott, CHES, Manistique community coordinator for the Sault Tribe Alliance for Health

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