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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago January 17, 1963

• The Great Otter Hunt has ended on Manistique’s West Side, but at least it livened things up considerably for a brief time one cold and otherwise listless Wednesday afternoon. The hunt started at Chuck Babcock’s service station across from the Lincoln School, where the otter was observed criss-crossing the highway. It was next seen crossing Deer St., from Vaughan’s grocery to the alley between Roemer Electric and Miller’s bar. Mike Bosanic spotted the creature at this point and took out after it out the back door, but it skittered around back across the street and finally headed down towards the river before losing its pursuers, but not before stopping a few cars and causing drivers to look twice and pinch themselves.

• Manistique High School’s debaters came home from Marquette last Saturday as champions of the Upper Peninsula. In the final round the affirmative team of Jacquelynne Anderson and Cordell Sikarski defeated defending champion Negaunee, in a split 2-1 decision. It was sweet revenge for Coach Marvin Frederickson’s debaters, who had lost to Negaunee in the final round a year ago by a similar 2-1 margin.

• Juvenile abuse of the dial system telephone has been reported to the Tribune by several unhappy local residents. Their complaints deal with calls as late as 3 a.m. by youngsters feigning an emergency, and considerable nuisance calls by others purporting to be telephone workers “testing” the line. Such calls are difficult and often impossible to trace with a dial system. It is indeed a sick sense of humor that relies on fake emergencies to provide laughs, and one wonders where the parents are when youngsters use the phone for their pranks at 3 a.m. The best way to stamp out this nonsense is for parents to impress upon their youngsters the fact that the telephone is not a toy, but a tool, and should be used only for a specific purpose.

• Voters in the Cooks, Garden, Fairport and Nahma school districts will vote next Tuesday on consolidation of the four districts. The vote is a culmination of a five-district area school study that originally included Rapid River. The merger proposal and its alternatives have been discussed at a series of meetings held in each of the districts.

35 Years Ago January 19, 1978

• The 1978 CBC Drive of Schoolcraft County is seeking the same goal as last year--$12,000. “The amount raised last year was adequate to meet the need,” said Douglas Carter, who was named general chairman of the new drive Tuesday night. “We feel the same goal of $12,000 this year will be adequate.”

• The City of Manistique has one of the best current-technology water treatment plants in the Upper Peninsula but cannot account for about 57 percent of the water it treats. According to figures released Wednesday by Jerry Richards, water treatment plant superintendent, 14,931,000 gallons is the difference between the water produced and the water sold by the city during a recent inventory. Richards cited meters which have stopped or are not running or are not existent on consumers’ service lines, leaks in the main lines, and bleeding lines as the primary reasons for the unaccountability. These same problems caused the city to use almost two and one-half times as much water as was accounted for last summer, Mike Faketty, public works superintendent said recently. He said that between February of 1976 and last summer he figured the city was somehow losing tract of 818,000 gallons of water per day.

• In a small welding shop near the railroad tracks and east of Houghton Avenue, prefabrication of the new $100,000 county fair building is proceeding right on schedule. The shop, snow-covered and surrounded by 25 tons of rusted steel plates to be used as truss supports, is owned by Roy Nelson of Indian Lake. Nelson has been working at the repair shop for 30 years--ever since he got out of the Navy. Working with him on the project are two young apprentices of the welding trade, Terry Jasmin and Bob White, both 28 years old. Almost 60 percent of the project will be completed in the shop. The plan for the construction of the fair building is to prefabricate 49 steel truss corner pieces in the welding shop by April. Then, as warmer weather comes, the

20 Years Ago January 21, 1993

• For the first time since 1984, Schoolcraft County will have a new Zoning Ordinance. The Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners approved the new ordinance by a 4-1 vote with Jack Hughson dissenting.

• “We’re definitely planning to have the drags next year,” said MDRA Treasurer Boyd Widdis. “Only they will be bigger and better.” With the success of last weekend’s first annual Indian Lake Snowmobile Ice Drags, that may be hard for some to imagine. Despite the high winds and cold temperatures, an estimated 700 spectators witnessed the races Saturday, with over 500 lining the fences to watch Sunday’s races. With the success of the new Indian Lake Drags, racing officials said that Manistique could be the site of the World Series within the next two years, according to Widdis.

• Michigan State Police, Manistique Post, remind motorists to watch for deer. Since the first of the year 16 car/deer accidents have been reported, including four in the last two days.

10 Years Ago January 16, 2003

• For the second time this year, Big Bay de Noc Board of Education has voted to expel a student. At Monday night’s board meeting, members accepted an administrative recommendation to expel a ninth grade boy who made a verbal bomb threat shortly before last month’s Christmas break. In October, the board had voted to expel an eighth grade student for bringing a knife with a blade longer than three inches to school, a violation of the state’s weaponsfree school law. Superintendent Brian O’Hara said the current situation was slightly different. While the law requires that students who violate the weapons law or physically assault a staff member be expelled for 180 days, verbal threats are handled in a more flexible manner, with the decision to suspend or expel, and the length of the punishment, left to the discretion of the board.

• For the second time in as many meets, Eric Hamill set a new Manistique High School diving record, as the Emeralds hosted Gwinn and Kingsford Monday. Hamill dove for 223 points, smashing the mark of 216.55 points he had established just last week.

• “Movies for a Buck” are returning to Cinema One. The theater is teaming up with the Manistique Area Kiwanis Club to present a showing of the hit “Ice Age” this Saturday. All children will be admitted for the special price of $1.

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