2013-01-17 / Community

ORR eliminates 1,000 regulations

Goal of office to wipe out unnecessary rules

LANSING – The Office of Regulatory Reinvention recently achieved a milestone, reducing the number of administrative rules in the state by 1,000. The milestone was reached after the ORR and Department of Environmental Quality rescinded Solid Waste Alternative Program rules.

“We have made great strides in streamlining Michigan’s regulations, while ensuring health, safety and consumer protections remain,” said Gov. Rick Snyder. “We are eliminating nearly ten rules for every one rule added. The result is that Michigan’s regulatory environment has become more favorable for business growth and job creation, and more user friendly for all of our customers.”

Gov. Rick Snyder created the Office of Regulatory Reinvention in April 2011 with the goal of creating a regulatory climate that is simple, fair, efficient, transparent and supportive of business growth and job creation. At the beginning of the ORR’s review, Michigan had 19,230 administrative rules. Today, Michigan has 18,214 administrative rules.

A significant number of the rules rescinded have been from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development with 296 administrative rules rescinded. Other departments that rescinded a significant number of administrative rules were: the DEQ with the elimination of 170 rules; the Department of Technology, Management and Budget with the elimination of 161 rules; and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs with the elimination of 156 rules. For a complete list of rules that were eliminated, visit: michigan. gov/documents/lara/Rescinded_ Rules_ Log_ 407751_ 7.pdf

“The rules eliminated range from obsolete to excessively burdensome,” commented Acting Chief Regulatory Officer/ORR Director Steve Arwood. “We aren’t close to being finished with our work to improve Michigan’s regulatory climate. We expect to continue to make many reforms to improve Michigan’s business climate.”

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