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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am a hunter. I’m not a member of the NRA; there is a big difference, I hope people don’t associate hunters with the NRA. The NRA doesn’t lobby for me, it lobbies for armament manufacturers so their clients profit when more guns and bullets are sold.

The NRA’s response to the recent senseless carnage in Connecticut shows how little they understand what our gun problem is. We could put 100 “good guys” in every school and we’d still have the same basic problem, we shoot each other. We can’t put 100 good guys in every mall, in every theater, on every corner. We need to change the culture that guns rule.

I don’t know of a single idea that the NRA and I agree on. Civilians don’t need body armor; the only people that need it are police and those that plan to engage the police.

We don’t need semi-automatic rifles or large clips. Hunters don’t need anything more that a bolt action, three shot rifle. The bushmasters that are being sold are for wannabes who have seen too many Rambo movies and need to feed their fantasies.

I don’t believe in concealed carry: they say carriers are screened and vetted. I worked for the federal government 20 years ago in Arizona and two of my coworkers carried. I asked why and was told, “to protect ourselves from the federal government. Look what the FBI did in Waco and Ruby Ridge!” Who screened and vetted those guys? We don’t need laws that permit bullets that penetrate body armor nor laws that promote, “stand your ground”, rather than sensibly walking away from conflict and taking time to cool off.

Remember the line from Homer Simpson, What, wait three days to buy a gun? Oh, but I’m mad now! Probably the worst thing they promote is the culture, “I got my gun and I’ll protect myself and my family”. So, again, we have grown men running around the woods with blackened faces playing war.

Why are Americans so much more apt to shoot each other than Canadians or Europeans? We average over 30,000 gunshot deaths a year. I know many are suicides and many of those are veterans, they are having a real tough time right now. But if they didn’t have such easy access maybe there would be time enough to get them the help they need.

I understand that skeet and trap and just plain old target shooting can be fun but not just spraying bullets as fast as you can pull the trigger. Again, when I lived in Arizona, a Rambo type sprayed a giant saguaro cactus, a protected species, so many times it fell over. He was never prosecuted. If it had been videoed, it would have gone viral especially since it fell on the shooter and crushed him.

Jude Collins


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I am so glad that that Jude

I am so glad that that Jude Collins knows what type of rifle I need to hunt with. I guess Jude will be telling me what kind of TV I can buy or what brand of milk I can drink. I am glad that Jude thinks that skeet, trap and PLAIN OLD TARGET shooting can be fun but wants to TELL people that just spraying bullets is not fun for them. I guess we will just do and ENJOY what Jude thinks we should. By the way nice PROFILING on the "Rambo" part. Just what we need more people TELLING US what we will do and not do. Hey Jude, do I have to use plastic worms when I am fishing. Come on, TELL ME WHAT I HAVE TO DO. I really need your input. I don't even want to start on the Concealed Carry part.