2013-01-10 / Sports

Emerald swim reels in second

KINGSFORD – Despite a disruption in practice schedules during the holiday break, the Manistique Emerald swim and dive team put together solid results in their return to the pool last week.

Manistique finished second in both the boy’s and girl’s meets in Kingsford.

“I wasn’t sure what to expect with snow days and the Christmas break disruption to our practice schedule, but I was pleased that the swimmers delivered solid times at Kingsford,” said Coach Beth Aldrich. “I was happy that both boys and girls finished second in the four team meet.”

Overall team finishes, women:

1) Kingsford 414

2) Manistique 316

3) Gladstone 262

4) Hancock 124

Overall team finishes, men:

1) Kingsford 365

2) Manistique 215

3) Gladstone 40

4) Hancock 29

First place finishes: Genna Rice, Carolyn Mooi, Morgan Kangas, Sam Stoll, 200-yard freestyle relay, 2:08.72; S. Stoll, 100-yard backstroke, 1:19.61; Jared Johnson-Helman 100-yard backstroke, 1:17.82; Kangas, Mooi, Rice, S. Stoll, 400-yard freestyle relay, 4:54.99.

Second place finishes: S. Stoll, Rice, Mooi, 200-yard medley relay, 2:29.63; Cayla Strasser, 50-yard freestyle, 33.37; S. Stoll, 100-yard freestyle, 1:09.11; Adam LaVance, 100-yard freestyle, 1:06.18; Robert Ayotte, Connor Hamlin, P.J. Birr, Kevin Woehlert, 200-yard freestyle relay, 2:06.04; Ayotte, 100-yard breaststroke, 1:35.87; Johnson-Helman, Zach Abram, Birr, LaVance, 400-yard freestyle relay, 4:29.92.

Third place finishes: LaVance, Johnson-Helman, Birr, Hamlin, 200-yard medley relay, 2:30.67; LaVance, 50-yard freestyle, 28.49; Kangas, 100-yard freestyle, 1:12.38; Abram, 100-yard freestyle, 1:07.71.

Fourth place finishes: Abram, 200-yard freestyle, 2:40.16; Johnson-Helman, 200-yard individual medley, 2:51.81; Ayotte, 50-yard freestyle, 28.89; Mooi, 100-yard freestyle, 1:14.48; Kelsey Gonyea, 500-yard freestyle, 8:11.35; Birr 500-yard freestyle, 6:47.78; Mandy Swayer, Strasser, Brandi Minor, Gonyea, 400-yard freestyle relay, 5:45.06.

Fifth place finishes: Rice, 200- yard individual medley, 3:14.61; Alex McKinney, 50-yard freestyle, 37.31; Woehlert, 50-yard freestyle, 29.56; Rice, 100-yard breaststroke, 1:40.43.

Sixth place finishes: Hamlin, 200-yard freestyle, 3:21.17; Ally Stoll, Gonyea, McKinney, Strasser, 200-yard freestyle relay, 2:28.09; Jamie Erickson, 100-yard breaststroke, 1:39.53; Erickson, Cassidy Garvin, A. Stoll, McKinney, 400-yard freestyle relay, 5:59.95.

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