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Dear Editor,

The people have spoken: they want affordable healthcare; they want a balanced approach to the budget. They want everyone to play by the same rules. Quit trying to repeal and work to make the already law a better tool for American citizens.

Do your job not what you want to be your job. You all were elected to legislate for all the people, not just the ten percent of “teabagers”. This country needs politicians who will work together for what most Americans want.

Fifty-one percent is all that it should take to have a direction. In 2000, G(eorge) W(.) B(ush) was voted as President with 1 vote, this election was won by the people with more than 3 million voters approving the direction our president said he would go.

It is your responsibility help govern this country, not obstruct every move he makes. Start working together before this country becomes a one party country. Many of us already disagree with a two party system I don’t believe anyone wants a one party one way system.

Again start working for the better of working families. It is predicted that over the next four years seven out of ten jobs will be poverty level jobs how do you expect those people to afford healthcare? We were told for years it was healthcare cost that was causing price increases now its union’s high wages.

When will it be unfair trade practices and incompetent politicians who care about a few instead of the majority of workers? Why it is some think because someone has a job by chose or by reasons beyond their control that the employer can’t afford healthcare that those people don’t deserve coverage? Who is going to do those service jobs? Everyone should be entitled to basics in a country that claims to have humane values. Quit opposing the health care bill and trying to appeal laws. Make this a bill that you as representatives of everyone can be proud of.

William L. Anderson

Cooks, Mich.

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