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Comedy Club finale

Lois A. Corcoran

She let out a blood curdling scream that shattered a few eardrums. Merely a direction in her script, it proved amazingly effective when executed. After recovering from the shock, someone in the audience quipped, “I wonder what your neighbors think.”

Thanks to Comedy Club, my neighbors have heard all manner of sound effects from this old house. You may recall reading about the kids’ group my son and I started in 2006. They meet each week to perform skits and watch the resulting videos for more yuks.

It began as one of those innocent, “Hey, why don’t we...” ideas. Then, without warning, it swelled into a full-blown obsession. Simple concepts have a way of complicating life.

Soon, our spare time filled with writing skits and sewing costumes. Eventually, they took over a room, competing for space with the computer that edits the videos. Posters of The Three Stooges and other classics flank the walls for inspiration.

To enhance viewing, we hooked up the TV to a pair of booming speakers. A cable spanning our living room holds bedsheets that double as a background and theater curtain. It looks a bit unorthodox, and I’ve gotta wonder what Martha Stewart would say.

Or maybe she’d just snicker like we did over the little girl who tucked two balls under her top for a doctor’s skit, “because I’m expecting twins.”

Or the guy who added his own sound effects for a phone with, “Brring! Brring!”, prompting a wise guy in the audience to say, “Bring what?”

One of our biggest laughs came when a gal wore groucho glasses for a date skit and adlibbed, “It’s not the nose. It’s what’s inside.”

For some reason, they love poking fun at doom. But the guy who starred in “101 Ways to Die” admitted he felt pretty sore after all of those death scenes.

Actual casualties from Comedy Club include a broken rocker, a mangled chair, and a sunken couch from holding more kids than an old fashioned phone booth.

Unfortunately, with Kelly’s graduation on the horizon, the obsession will end before long. The curtain will literally come down on a fiveyear labor of love.

To show for it, we have hundreds of videos and still photos from skits with such titles as “Handsome and Griddle,” “Nasty Drew,” and “Great Expectorate”.

And fond memories of a pastime that’s been – well – a real scream.

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