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Dear Editor,

Being in a rush to “do something” is not the way to do something. Doing the wrong thing is usually what results. We can not and should not throw all of the responsible gun owners under the bus just because “we” want to do something. The young person that pulled the trigger in Connecticut broke some 40 laws, according to the main stream media and yet he still committed a heinous crime.

The state in which he lived has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation. We can not stop folks from being crazy and doing these vicious things. If you study history, murders have been going on since way before guns were even invented. Does Cain and Able ring a bell?

The vehicle or machine used in the murder should not be the target, if it were, then we would out law cars. More people die every day from auto accidents by far than die in gun related homicide. Using logic that is running rampant, lakes, pools and oceans should be outlawed and done away with as there are too many deaths and injuries from the misuse of these.

A “gun-free zone” is a very dangerous place to be, because the only one with a gun is the person bent on destruction of human life. Check it out for yourself, all of these types of tragedies are in gun-free zones, where no one can use the same force the criminal is using. If you will remember a couple of years ago a shooter was stopped during a church shooting in Colorado by a woman with a gun, she ended the violence because she had deadly force on her side. Another instance was on the subway in New York, a man shot a person trying to kill as many people as he could, but he died before he could do all he intended, because someone was there with a return fire that stopped the violence.

A gun, any gun, any size or any shape is not the culprit, the person pulling the trigger is the culprit, please keep that straight in your mind during this debate. If “we” allow government to over turn the second amendment, then what will stop them from overturning any or all of our other rights? Remember, only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

Roy D. Shankel


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