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A Look Back at the... Pioneer-Tribune Archives

50 Years Ago December 27, 1962

• Two car thefts were reported to Public safety officers over the weekend. A car owned by Rose LaChappelle, 131 S. Cedar Street, was taken from its parking place at the rear of the Nelson building sometime Sunday. The car was recovered about 9:25 p.m., an hour after the theft was reported, at Houghton and Bear Streets. A car owned by Helmer Norbotten, 415 Steuben Ave., was reported stolen at 7:45 p.m. Saturday. The car is a 1955 Chevrolet 2-door.

• The skiing season will officially open at the Thunder Bowl, in the Hiawatha Forest north of Manistique this week end. Two feet of snow on the ground provides good conditions for skiing, and the chalet will be open. The newlyformed ski patrol will also be operating, it was announced. Family membership for the season cost $25, and charges are $15 for adults over $18, $10 for youngsters between 12 and 18, and $7.50 for those under 12. Daily charges are $2 for adults, $1.25 for those 12 to 18 and 75 cents for those under 12.

• Confusion over which phone number to call to report a fire has been reported by Chief Harry Durno. The phone number 341-2255 is to be used to report a fire only. It is connected with an alarm system that starts the movement of fire equipment, and should only be used for that purpose. For ambulance service or information, the firemen may be reached at phone number 341-5445.

• Members of the Manistique Women’s Club packed 57 boxes last week for Christmas distribution. The boxes contained food, mittens, dolls and games and were delivered Friday and Saturday. Among those helping pack were Mrs. Matt Stram, Mrs. George Wood, Mrs. Alvin Nelson, Mrs. A.M. Farley, Mrs. Erlund Danielson and Mrs. William Drefs.

• A special City Council meeting has been scheduled for 7:30 tonight to approve a $170,000 project to build a new water tower and water main in the city. Councilmen are expected to file a request with the Housing and Home Finance Administration office in Chicago for approval of Federal Accelerated Public Works funds for half the cost. The remaining $85,500, which would be paid off by water department revenues, would be raised by selling general obligation bonds for the city. This step would require approval from the voters. The proposed new tank would be built east of the Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, and would solve the water pressure problems there and in other areas.

35 Years Ago December 29, 1977

• A total of seven snowball throwers were arrested by city police last week. Three persons were arrested Dec. 19 in the afternoon after allegedly breaking windows in a downtown store. The damage was estimated at $300-$400. Michael Lemp, of Cooks, and two other juveniles were apprehended at about 3 p.m. when police received a call from A.S. Putnam Drug Store at S. Cedar Street. Police obtained a description of the youths from an employee at the store. Officers used a little known city ordinance to arrest the youths. It says the any “hurling of missiles at any person or property” is a misdemeanor under the disorderly statute. Tuesday, four more snowball throwers were apprehended by police. The youths were picked up in an alley east of Cedar St. It was reported that they threw a snowball through the rear windshield of a truck. Jack Phillips, owner of the truck, said he had parked the vehicle in the alley when the destruction happened. The value of the windshield was estimated at $100. Police said patrols would be on the lookout for any further snowball throwing violations.

• One person is in custody and another will be sought from the Manistique area involving arson of the Knotty Pine restaurant which burned Tuesday morning. Detective Sergeant Haydamacker Nelson from the Negaunee State Police, said he found that the fire had been started by “non-natural causes.” An early morning fire totally destroyed the restaurant located on U.S. 2. City and Inwood Township fire departments were called to the scene at about 1 a.m. and returned to their stations about 2:40 a.m.

25 Years Ago December 31, 1987

• Sheriff Gary Maddox is looking forward to accomplishing in his second year of office some of the same things he did in his first. Maddox will complete his first year as Schoolcraft County Sheriff on Jan. 1, 1988. He said recently that his feelings for the office have not changed, and that he anticipates 1988 to be an exciting year. Maddox said his biggest challenge in his first year as sheriff was to set down goals for his office. He worked with the county board to cement a “direction we’re heading.” “The goal is to be as modern and up to date as we can.” Maddox said. “That’s not easy in an old building.” Part of the goal is “catching up” in the maintenance area. This included the repair of a walkie-talkie and outfitting the staff with a walkie-talkie that keeps in touch with fire departments when they leave the police radio. Also in 1987, the county jail got a new roof, and the heating system in the building was revamped.

• The amount of timber harvested on the Hiawatha National Forest during 1987 was the highest ever in the forest’s history, according to Timber Staff Officer George McLaughlin. Most of the 64.4 million board feet harvested consisted of aspen, northern hardwood and pine pulpwood. Much of this pulpwood went to Mead Paper Mill at Escanaba and Champion International Mill in Quinnesec. The small amount of sawlogs harvested went to various mills across the Upper Peninsula.

10 Years Ago December 26, 2002

• Beginning early next year, a new administrator will be behind the desk at the Schoolcraft Medical Care Facility. The FIA-MCF Board voted last week to hire Ruth MacAlpine to replace Dennis Boyd who is retiring this month after nearly 35 years. Currently the administrator of the 112-bed Huron County Medical Care Facility in down state Bad Axe, MacAlpine hopes to be on the job in Manistique by the middle of February. While Boyd’s retirement takes effect Dec. 31, he has agreed to stay under contract until MacAlpine is available.

• Contestants come and contestants go...but when somebody picks up a challenge and succeeds, we usually try to pass along the story to you. Hoholik’s Ace Hardware of Manistique recently received such a challenge from Nutrena, the company that produces the new feed product that they carry. The task was to create a display featuring the product. Kim Jones, an employee at the store, designed a fireplace wall and used the Nutrena logo to create a wreath. Her efforts were acknowledged with runner-up honors and a $100 prize. Hoholik’s shared the runner-up title with Fleet & Farm of Hutchinson, Minn. First place was taken by Town & Country Feed and Garden of Roscoe, Ill., where staff designed a life sized papier mache horse.

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