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Top 10 stories of 2012

Garden Wind farm sees completion

GARDEN – Fourteen wind turbines now stand visible on the Garden Peninsula – the result of a years-long project of Heritage Sustainable Energy. Despite opposition from some residents, the Garden Wind Farm now produces power sold to downstate-based Consumers Energy.

The project was completed in September, with the 295-foot turbines spread over approximately 10,000 acres of land leased from Garden residents. Heritage Vice President Rick Wilson noted in September that the one turbine they have had operational since spring had produced good results thus far, sparking optimism about the potential of the additional 13.

According to Wilson, each turbine is capable of producing 2 megawatts, and is expected to produce over 70,000 megawatt hours of energy each year.

During the process of installation and construction, Wilson noted the project had a significant impact on the local economy. According to Heritage, over $10 million went into the local economy, and over 40 local and regional U.P. businesses were utilized during the process.

Recently, some residents expressed concern over the amount of taxes being captured by the wind farm. According to Wilson, the amount being allocated to various entities, such as the township and school, will increase once all of the turbines are assessed. For 2012, only one turbine was assessed, since it was the only one erected by the end of 2011.

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