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Fish Report

Well, here we are winding down the year 2012 with Christmas here. It sure seems like for some reason the past year came, stuck around a short time and left. Where does all the time go so fast?

Then you look around the family and the grandchildren that were just all eyes enjoying their first Christmas are now either getting ready for high school graduation next year or already in college. But Wifee and I are blessed with grandchildren on both ends from first Christmas to college student and we love them all.

It seems like with every passing year the things of life go forward only to have me drop farther and farther behind in the technical things coming out.

You have to understand when I first used a telephone all you had to do was pick up the phone and say, “Mable please give me grandma Walkers.” And you were connected along with everybody else on the same line.

But really some things never change because in being down with the kids who are into the latest type phone on the market we are back to, “Mable give me Ruth.” With these new phones there is an answer for everything.

If you want to order a pizza in a strange town you just ask your phone for a pizza place in the town you are in. It will then give you the number and show you a map how to get there. Remember this is on your phone.

Even more interesting is the fact if you are not feeling well you can tell your phone what is wrong and it will give you some suggestions. While traveling Wifee had a fever blister so our daughter just asked her phone, “What is the best thing for a fever blister?” Before you know it, it will give you an answer.

Better yet if you cannot recall something that is on the ‘tip of your tongue” you can just ask your phone about what you cannot recall and it will bail you out.

I have to wonder if it would bail me out when I walked down to the basement to get something only to forget what it was I walked down to the basement to get. Could I say, “What was it I came down here after?” But then again those of us over the hill would end up with a lot of extra time on our hands if we did not have to spend time trying to recall things. Well, just maybe I would be asking too much of even today’s technology to try to read my mind and thoughts.

But just think the day may come that even hunting will have all the scouting and planning go the way of the old dial telephone.

Could you not just see the day coming when you are out at camp getting ready for your day in your deer blind so you just ask your phone, “Should I sit in my deer blind today or will it be a waste of my time?” Then you will get a reply telling you to make sure you are in place at 10:38 a.m. because a six point buck will come in from the west at that exact time.

What a bummer because it would take all the fun out of hunting.

Or maybe a fisherman could ask his phone where the fish are biting and what is the best bait to use on a given day. It may be real interesting if spring arrived and you were to ask your phone when the smelt are running and where? You may want to lay your phone on the table when asking this question about the smelt runs because it just may cause a meltdown.

Of course those of us up here in the U.P. would not have to worry because there is a good chance we would not have any service anyway. So up here in Yooper land life would go on as usual for a few more years anyway.

I have one question for all of you that are in the high tech world. How come all these people living in a third world country, either in the middle of a jungle, high up in the mountains, or out in a desert, have four bars and perfect reception and those of us living up here have all these dead spots. Or some days you have perfect reception only to be in the same spot the next day and have those famous U.P. words on your phone, “No Service”.

As I have said before, “Life has sure passed me by and it is getting farther and farther away with each passing year. Of course back in grandpa’s day life was sure a lot more family orientated and simple and we felt we never really missed a thing.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and have a wonderful 2013.

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