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Senior Center

We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year!

If you attended the wonderful Annual Christmas Party this past Thursday, you were greeted by “Santa” and all of his helpers! You do believe, don’t you? A great big thank you goes out to Santa’s helper (Tom Kaltz).

The party started out with decorating the Center, with Mary and Len LaFleur, Howard Harbottle and Mary Burns volunteering to make it look special. Family Pride, for many years, has been kind enough to donate all the white tablecloths and cloth napkins, making the tables look so nice. The Flower Shop at Ben once again donated a large centerpiece. Mark Larche, CEO of State Savings Bank gave a generous monetary donation which allowed us to add the extra little touches to the party.

The day of the party you were greeted by Santa’s little elf, Kristen Anderson and her mother Lucille Boyd.

Did you get your picture taken with Santa? Lori Wood was seen snapping pictures of all those smiles.

Heidi Troyer added her decorating touches to the tables the day before the party. Our prayers go out to her friend Lisa Feldman, as she has become our friend too. Lisa, who is one of our faith volunteers, was unable to assist due to health issues. Hopefully, we will see her smiling face next year.

Let’s mosie over to the snack table where you found shrimp, pickled herring, cucumber sandwiches, deviled eggs, a large fruit tray, ham roll ups, meat, cheese and crackers, homemade pickles, oh how I could go on and on.

Individuals, along with local businesses, came together to make this possible. Please take the time to thank the following: Malloy Insurance & Real Estate, Community Home Medical, Inc., Toby’s Specialty Co., North Woods Home Care and Hospice.

Jack’s Fresh Market donated the beautiful plants which were given as door prizes and Community Action Agency donated several meal tickets for the Noon Meal at the Center. I will give you a hint. Belinda is known for her BBQ ribs, baked chicken and homemade pasties. All you need to do is call 341- 5085 at least one day in advance. We are looking forward to seeing the 20 lucky winners!

Individuals who dropped off snacks included: Mary Burns, Rosemary Sablack, Edith Greene, Pam Beaudre, Sally Schuetter, Nancy and Bill Cheney and Rita and Bruce Rossier. Thank you is just not enough! My apologies if I missed anyone!

The Center staff, taking the task of making wiener wraps and BLT cups, couldn’t have been happier when Carol Anderson pulled out her sewing machine and made aprons for the workers. Thanks Carol. I guess that seemed like a piddly job after making a beautiful queen size quilt and donating it to the Center to be raffled.

The HOSA class, under the direction of Kristen Demers, was seen roaming around the room serving hotdog/bacon wraps, BLT cups and pouring coffee and punch. We sincerely wish to thank Ed Rethman, Britt Braeger, Carlie Chase, Courtney LaLonde, Jen Carlson and Raeann Metty for being our “little elves” throughout the evening.

Emily Bauman, Miss Schoolcraft County, made a surprise visit. She also was seen serving punch, coffee, etc. Shortly after she arrived, Gail Thomma, which is Junior Miss Schoolcraft County arrived and jumped right in giving a hand wherever needed. Before long her crown came off and she was seen wearing a blinking red nose and reindeer horns. Cute, cute!

The punch was the hit of the party. We sincerely wish to thank Marty Groleau for sharing her recipe.

Boy, can he sing. Darrell Dixson not only volunteered to be the entertainer, but him and his wife Carole, brought and donated several gifts for their trivia game. Unbelievable! Only in the U.P. would something like this ever happen.

Wasn’t it nice to see our friends from Medicare! They were thoroughly enjoying themselves and on Monday, I heard from family members how much they enjoyed the party.

Community Corrections, under the direction of Tony Grahavec, were seen doing all the dishes and clean up. It scares me to think of how long we would have been doing this task. Great job!

Let’s get to my favorite part! The meal consisted of swiss steak and ham, real mashed potatoes and gravy, dressing, glazed carrots, rolls and butter and yummy cheesecake and pumpkin bar for dessert.

Bonnie Hokenson did a wonderful job catering this year’s Christmas party, even though she had her mind on her father who had taken a fall the day before. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for keeping the cost down, making it affordable to our elderly.

Ahh, she was missed! Eris Webb, who has said the prayer for as long as I can remember, was unable to attend for the first time due to health issues. If you have a spare moment, I am sure she would love to receive a few get well or thinking of you card. It can be mailed to Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, 500 Main St., Manistique, MI 49854.

Congratulations to those who were lucky winners of the following:

• Queen Size Quilt - Anne Blumental

• Bird Print by Dietmar Krummrey – Pat Sunbeck

• Two handmade wooden jewelry boxes, donated by: Mary Burns in memory of her husband – Irene Grimm and Tina Burnis

• Two wooden Jesus pictures made and donated by: Cliff and Pat Dyer – Eloise Popoure and Vern Annelin.

• Cutlery set donated by: Hoholik’s Ace Hardware – Mary Burns

• Two Manistique Senior Center throws, donated by: Design on a Tee and Superior State Agency – Tom Hoholik and Fritzy Nelson

• Two deer pillows made by Jan King - Wes Turan.

Oh, what a beautiful party!

The very next day, several of us (after I got off of work) boarded the Public Transit and headed to the Chip-In Island Resort & Casino to the Broadway Spirit of Christmas Show. It was fabulous. They not only could sing, they danced the night away, nonstop. There certainly was a lot put into the show.

My two long days didn’t end there. The next day I headed to Marquette to enjoy a birthday party for my youngest grandson who turned one. There is nothing like spending time with family. Tonight I will get to go home and enjoy my nephew from Indiana, as he will be staying with us for a week. Tom is my sisters (Lori) son. All the way from having fun with a one year old to a college student! I certainly hope I have enough food in the house, heehee.

Somewhere in between all of this, I have to find time to finish wrapping gifts.

Please feel free to drop by over the holidays, as my home is yours! Let us not forget what Christmas is all about! And please do keep the Connecticut families in your thoughts and prayers along with our service men and women.

Kim Chartier dropped by with knitted slippers to give away at the Christmas party. Barb Boyer dropped by and showed us her talent. She makes the cutest aprons. They are on sale at the gift shop.

A great big thank you goes out to Laurie Jasmin from EDC, for the gift of a printer.

Birthday greetings go out to Jerome “L.J.” Allen and Alan Nelson on Dec. 21; Bertha Higley and Rita Rossier on Dec. 22; Ray Krall, Michael J. Johnson and Maurice Fagan on Dec. 24; John Garvin and Jan Wilson on Dec. 27 and Ann Chase on Dec. 28.

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