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Bay announces fall scholarships

College to distribute awards to residents

ESCANABA – Bay de Noc Community College has announced the scholarship recipients for the fall 2012 semester. The scholarship program is supported by area businesses and organizations, as well as by individuals through endowment and annual contributions.

Scholarships were awarded to the following area students:

Manistique: Bay College Faculty and Staff Award - Christina Roddy; Alma Christensen Award - Jennifer Bosanic;Robert Christensen Award - Britteny Schuetter; Island Resort & Casino Award - Leanne Vaughn;Ethel & Amy Johnson Award - Craig Linderoth; John Lemmer Award (Skills USA) - Hailey Garvin;Arne J & Violet Maki Award - Leanne Vaughn; Hagle Quarnstrom Award - Britteny Schuetter;Helen Sackerson Award - Leanne Vaughn; Wickman and Addison Award - Shannon Woehlert; Josephine Zajkoski Fine Arts Award - Shannon Woehlert

Cooks: Bay College Annual Scholarship - Jeremy Carrier; Board of Trustees Award - Kendra Bloom and Haley Norton;John Lemmer Award (Skills USA) - Brandon Hopp; Arne J and Violet Maki Award- Haley Norton; Vincent Myers Award - Jeremy Carrier; Richard Pepin Bay Tech Award - Brandon Hopp

Engadine:Bay College Annual Scholarship - Krista Metcalf

Garden: Bay College Drama Club Award - Jordan Lester and Colton Ranguette; Sam and Elinor Benedict Award - Emily Lucas;Board of Trustees Award - Janelle Dalgord; Delta County Golf Award - Colton Ranguette;Karen Kleikamp Award - Elizabeth Cooper; Dr. William and Margaret LeMire II Award - Elizabeth Cooper;Wickman and Addison Award - Kenneth Peterson

Germfask: Dr. Mary L Cretens Award - Kristy Mattson

Gulliver: John Lemmer Award (Skills USA) - Kyle Demers

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