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Resident fined for protest

Commissioner-elect faced trespassing charges

MARQUETTE – A Schoolcraft County resident, along with seven others, recently plead guilty to a charge of trespassing. The charge originated from a protest outside of the Northern Michigan Office of Gov. Rick Snyder on Dec. 12.

According to the Marquette County 96th District Court, Susan Marie Cameron, 50, of Manistique was among seven other protesters who plead guilty during a hearing Monday. Cameron and the others were ordered to pay $375 in fines and costs.

In a news release from the Michigan State Police, the arrests occurred after the group refused to leave the governor’s office. The group, originally consisting of 10 people, had arrived at 3 p.m. to speak with a representative of the governor, but refused to exit the office after it closed at 5 p.m., the release states.

After being warned by officers that staying on the premises would lead to their arrest, two members of the group left. The remaining eight were then arrested for trespassing on state property.

“The protest was due to the governor signing the right to work (bill),” explained Cameron on Wednesday. “We wanted to speak to him and thought we might get through by going to his Marquette office. Which did not happen.”

Cameron, who was elected in November to serve on the Schoolcraft County Board of Commissioners for District 2, noted the publicity from the arrest has had an effect on her.

“I have heard a lot of negative comments in regards to my arrest which the media makes it a lot worse than it really was,” she said. “The ticket is no different then getting a speeding ticket. Also, I did explore to make sure this would have no impact/effect on being a county commissioner-elect.”

Cameron will be sworn in as county commissioner on Dec. 27.

The release states that the group was cooperative with the office staff, as well as police, and that no issues arose during the incident. The protest occurred the day after Gov. Rick Snyder signed so-called “Right to Work” bills into law.

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