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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have been actively trying to find someone to help sponsor a “Partnership Assistance” of the Manistique Breakwater Light since June, 2012. The light is on the Governmental, General Service Administration Excess list for 2012. That means it will be going up on the auction block for anyone to purchase and possibly take it away. Yes this has happened to at least three other excised lights. The Manistique City Council agreed to help sponsor ownership with the Michigan Lighthouse Conservancy, President Jeff Shook, (a non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization) and then just recently voted “no” to discontinue the application process stating the cost $145,500. was too high.

What price is too high in order to save your 98-year-old Michigan Historic Site? This lighthouse is Manistique’s icon and is used by almost every organization, publications, signs, and advertisements, in Manistique. A lot of good it is to have people walk on the boardwalk and have cruise ships come into your harbor, when there is no lighthouse to use or see!

If anyone knows if there is a way to fundraise and come up with $145,500 in actual quoted costs, please let us know as soon as possible. These funds can be raised over a four to 10 year time. Any local support that you think could be contacted, please let us know. There is still time before the extended application deadline to salvage something here! If anyone in the community was willing to donate paint and labor, this drastically cuts down on restoration costs. The light is in decent shape structurally, according to an architectural engineer’s report, but suffers cosmetically. If no one speaks up and dedicates their group to raise funds for restoration, only time will tell what will happen to the lighthouse.

Speak now or forever hold your piece as the saying goes, or the light goes to auction sometime very soon. If anyone thinks the federal government was going to take care of this lighthouse, they will not, hence the whole reason they are excising them because they have no funds to preserve them!

Please contact, Marilyn S. Fischer, (906) 283-3317, president, Gulliver Historical Society, Seul Choix Pointe Lighthouse.

Marilyn Fischer


Dear Editor,

On behalf of the U.P. Regional Blood Center I would like to thank Phyllis Burge, Ruth Annelin and the rest of the Amity Group for hosting a blood drive in the month of November. As a result of their efforts, we collected 42 pints of blood. I would also like to extend my appreciation to all of the volunteer blood donors who took the time to give the “gift of life.” Thank you for supporting your community blood center.

Sallie Coron,

BS Public Relations

Coordinator of Blood


U.P. Regional Blood Center

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In response to Marilyn

In response to Marilyn Fischer,.....There are so many people in the Msnistique area who DO NOT pay attention to what is going on. THeir attitude is, "Let someone else do it for us" I returned to Manistique, for a three year period, and this is NOT the same Manistique that I enjoyed so much growing up in.... It seems to me that whatever the city council votes in, there are the WIMPS and YES MEN and WOMEN who go along with it. I hope and pray that all will be as it should...............Fern Robinson