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Senior Center

The Center will be alive tonight (Thursday, Dec. 13), as we will hold our Annual Christmas Party. Doors will open at 2 p.m. What a wonderful evening seeing everyone in the holiday mood. You will get the chance to munch on finger foods as you chat with old and new friends, have your picture taken with Santa, sit back and relax as Darrell Dixon performs and have a fabulous dinner, all for $9. We still have tickets available if you hurry.

Some of your family members, friends or neighbors will have trouble paying their heating bills this winter. You can help by taking part in the CAA Schoolcraft County Walk for Warmth which will be taking place on Saturday, Feb. 23, 2013.

I know the date is a little ways off, but I encourage you to get the date on your calendar. To pick up a pledge sheet, just drop by the CAA office at the Courthouse. I am sure Don Tyrell will be happy to assist you.

The event will begin with a yummy breakfast between 7:30-9 a.m. This breakfast will be held at the Manistique Senior Center which is located at 101 Main St. Following the breakfast those who have pledge sheets will take a short walk through town. “Move your feet to give people heat”. If you are unable to take the walk, feel free to drop by the Center have a hot breakfast and leave your donation with one of the workers. If you are unable to make this date, you can drop your donation off at the Center or CAA office in the Courthouse.

In the almost 34 years of me working at the Center, last year was the very first year to have not one, but two, elderly standing at my desk with tears fretting over how they were going to pay their heating bill. Let’s put a smile back on their faces!

My being a Kiwanis member for the past six years, I wanted to share some information with you which was recently presented to Kiwanis from Lieutenant, Tim Sholander, of the Michigan State Police. Tim is the Team Commander of U.P.S.E.T. which stands for Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team. He told Kiwanians that 87 percent of the arrests for heroin were in Menominee County this past year. It took the place of prescription pills. As pills became the more popular drug, heroin declined making it available at a much cheaper cost. Pills, such as Oxytocin, can cost up to $40 per pill. As you can see, it first starts out with marijuana and the problem seems to grow bigger.

Point is our area can possibly do the same run if we don’t stop it now. He went on to say they are not getting the leads as they had in the past years. It is time to stand ground and protect our children and grandchildren. If you know of something illegal going on, I encourage you to call (906) 346- 9289. This is a very confidential telephone number, where you can share information. You can do this anonymously or share your name if you care to do so.

This past year they received 242 complaints and made 197 arrests. Now here comes the hard part. As much as we never want to admit someone in our family has a problem, trust me, it can happen. I, for one, recently went through finally having to admit I had a brother who had an addiction. I can tell you firsthand how it effects the family. And I am not just talking of him; I am talking about his child, sisters, brothers, and other family members and friends.

I cringed when I saw the articles in the local newspaper, I cringed when I saw a picture of him on television and I almost puked when I sat there and watched him being sentenced. I honestly thought I was going to have to be escorted out of the courtroom as my legs felt missing. Myself, being in the position I hold, wanted to die as I jumped in the car and headed to work each day. I felt like everywhere I went, I had people staring at me and talking. I honestly don’t think I could have made it to where I am today if it weren’t my faith and a wonderful Pastor.

Coming from a family of 10, this was almost too hard to accept. I do go visit him faithfully every week. I do shed tears as I drive home from jail. I do tell myself it could have been worse, he did lose the trust of his only child, he did lose his home, but then he could have killed someone or killed himself. But I feel I am healing, slowly and I hope he is too. I pray he gets the necessary help when he gets out of jail. I will support him 100 percent only if he helps himself. I am a firm believer we are on this earth to help each other and are not to question “why”, leaving my questions to be answered by God.

I will never take it for granted “It can’t happen to my family.” Am I ashamed to be writing this in my column, somewhat, but if it helps one person to make the decision to seek help or get help for someone I, along with their family, will feel so much better. Do keep one thing in the back of your mind, if you don’t see a smile on ones face, there may be something in the back of their mind which is troubling them. Sometimes it takes a little time to share, if at all.

If you are taking pain medications, etc., and notice them missing from time to time, please take the time to observe and notice who is taking them. Yes, it could be a family member, possibly even a grandchild. You will not help them by denying the truth. I owe Trooper Safford, for one, a huge apology for ignoring what I thought could not be possible. Seek help and if they refuse or deny the problem exists, take it upon yourself to contact the local authorities for help. Once again, I encourage you to call the anonymous telephone number, you can make a difference!

In the 33 years of working at the Center you have made me feel like I am a part of your family and I have shared my family with you. Now the exciting and happy news! My youngest daughter Stephanie, along with her husband, Ben is expecting their second child the middle of May. That is a great way to put a smile back on my face! Yahoo! A great big happy birthday goes out to Brock, their first child, who turns a whopping one on Dec. 16. We love you!

Let’s get into the Christmas spirit. The Public Transit bus will be departing from the Senior Center parking lot this Friday, Dec. 14, at 4:30 p.m. We will be traveling to Escanaba to “The Broadway Spirit of Christmas” show. We did have one cancellation, whereas we are trying to sell a ticket. What a great way to spend the evening! For further information call the Center at 341-5923.

Mabel Patz, recently has had some health issues. Due to this, she has made a move and I would like to share her new address:

Norlite Nursing Center

701 Homestead Street

Marquette, MI 49855

For those who would like to call, her new telephone number is (906) 228-9252.

Bibi Duquette’s new address is: 10755 Quigley Road, Dexter, MI 48130 c/o Jean Brakhage. I am sure she would love to hear from her friends.

Phyllis Toyra brought in new 2013 calendars. If you would like one, drop by the library at the Center which is located in the middle room.

Our flags have been taken down for the winter. A great big thank you goes out to Mudcat for always being there when we need something done.

Mary Lou Marx donated a gift and Ken and JoAnne Fagan dropped by the Center with a donation of wooden Christmas tree decorations I am sure Ken made in his shop. Marlyn Noffke gave a military package donation.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Larry Rogers from Elaine Hartman

• Emma Hardy from Jim and Carol Dalgord

Maintenance and Support donations were given from Laura Lee Tegtman and State Savings Bank.

BRIDGE Dec. 3: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-Eileen St. Onge, 3rd- Joyce LaTulip, 4th-Mary Lou Marx, 5th-Lois Hoholik, CFCNancy Brown. Hostess, Pat Flint served coconut cream dessert, cheese and crackers, nuts and candy.

BRIDGE Dec. 7: 1st-Joyce LaTulip, 2nd-Ray Krall, 3rd-Helen Baton, 4th-Doris Demars, CFCSarah Bignall. Host George Lowman served assorted cookies.

PINOCHLE Dec. 5: 1st-Char Turek, 2nd-Chris Keener, 3rd-Audrey Newborn, Did Stay Home- Nancy Casey.

500 Dec. 7: 1st-Ruth Jones, 2nd-Geri Henkel, 3rd-Cathy Wise, Should’a Stayed Home-Carl Sundling.

Birthdays this week: Dec. 15-Lois Jewett, Dec. 16-Esther Czarnik and Sharon Olson, Dec. 19-Herb Bowers, Jack MacFarlane and Barb O’Conner. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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