2012-12-13 / Community

MDOT: Give snowplows room this winter season

New ‘Room to Groom’ campaign beginning

LANSING – The Michigan Department of Transportation and the County Road Association of Michigan recently announced the start of an annual education campaign urging motorists to remember good driving habits in winter weather conditions: “Snowplows Need Room to Groom!”

“Road crews put their lives on the line every day to keep Michigan roads safe for everyone,” said State Transportation Director Kirk T. Steudle.

A steady decrease in road funding and an increase in costs have forced state and local agencies to alter their winter maintenance plans and change plowing priorities. However, one important fact has not changed: road crews must have ample room in order to safely clear the many miles of roadway of snow and ice.

MDOT and CRAM offer the following reminders for motorists:

- Snowplows have limited visibility and drivers cannot see directly behind their trucks;

- Snowplows often throw up snow clouds, reducing visibility on all sides of the truck;

- Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Motorists should not text or talk on cell phones while they are behind the wheel.

- Motorists should never attempt to pass a moving snowplow on the right. With new wing-plow technology, the blade can clear the shoulder and the lane of travel simultaneously.

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