2012-12-13 / Community

District Court

Laurel Lee Jasmin, 51, Stanley Road, Manistique, charged with violation of basic speed law (12/12). Assessed $115.

Amber Louise Olsen, 31, U.S. Highway 2, Manistique, charged with expired vehicle registration (12/12). Assessed $135.

William Paul Morrison, 50, Mrs. Claus Lane, Christmas, charged with driving 60 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone (11/12). Assessed $100.

Daniel Peter Graphos, 34, Manistique Avenue, Manistique, charged with seat belt violation (12/12). Assessed $65.

Joseph Earl Lauzon, 36, River

Road, Manistique, pleaded guilty in 93rd District Court to operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, second offense notice (11/12). He was assessed $50 state fee, $380 statute fine, $100 Manistique Public Safety reimbursement fee, $300 probation oversight fee, $75 crime victim rights assessment, $570 statute costs, $79.50 restitution, $1,554.50 total. He was sentenced to serve 120 days in the Schoolcraft County Jail with credit for 10 days served. The balance will be held over 12 month’s probation. Optional jail term 120 days.

Nicholas Andrew Sharp, 34, Ackley Street, Germfask, was bound over from 93rd District Court to 11th Judicial Circuit Court on one count of weapons, firearms possession and one count of domestic violence (11/12).

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