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Senior Center

December is here! Our Annual Christmas Party is fast approaching and there are several who have not purchased their tickets. The date has been set for Thursday, Dec. 13, with doors opening at 2 p.m. for social hour. Tickets are on sale for a $9 donation. Where can you go to a party that includes appetizers (lots and lots), a yummy dinner, entertainment, prize drawings and a visit from Santa for such a low cost?

Drop by and get your ticket. Better yet, invite a few friends to join you and make it an evening to remember.

The Center is decorated for the holidays. We all know the time that goes into decorating our homes, let alone a building of this size. A great big thank you goes out to Len and Mary LaFleur and Mary Burns. All I can say is “volunteers” are the best! Oops! I almost forgot “Mudcat” (Ralph Burt) who took the time to dig out the tree.

Are you interested in joining us on a bus trip to “Broadway’s Spirit of Christmas Show” at the Island Resort and Casino in Escanaba on Friday, Dec. 14. Unfortunately we recently had two cancellations and are trying to sell the tickets. The cost is $35 if you ride Public Transit or $28 if you would prefer to drive on your own. Let us know as soon as possible. The bus will be departing from the Senior Center parking lot at 4:30 p.m., allowing time to eat dinner or play for a short period of time before the show. The bus will head back to Manistique right after the show.

Keep in mind for those of you who have Medicare part D coverage, you can reevaluate your current prescription insurance plan through Dec. 7, which isn’t very far off. This is especially important if your prescriptions need to be changed or if your existing plan has made changes to its cost or what drugs it will cover. The open enrollment period allows you to change to another plan from the same or a different insurance company or to keep your current coverage without penalty.

You should have received your Annual Notice of change (ANOC) and Evidence of Coverage (EOC) documents in the mail. You will still be under your current Part D Plan until Jan. 1, 2013. On that date your plan will either renew or coverage will begin.

For those of you turning 65, you can enroll in Medicare including Part D, three months before the day of your 65 birthday.

Where should you go for assistance? I would recommend Jeani Dalgord, an employee of Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital, who has had some extensive training in this area. Give her a call at 341- 1863 for an appointment.

The Center has been contacted by the local nursing home. There is a client residing there who loves to knit and crochet. She is looking for a donation of yarn. If you can help, please drop it off at the Senior Center and we will get it to the right person.

I know how much several of you enjoyed the bus trips to Gladstone to their evening meal. I recently received a flyer inviting us to join them on Wednesday, Dec. 19. The dinner will be served at 4:30 p.m. For $5, which has to be paid in advance, they will be serving prime rib, baked potatoes, green beans, salad bar and desserts. Can’t go wrong on the price!

We would have to charge an additional $7 for the bus. Now, I have to know what your thoughts are as quickly as possible, allowing me time to make the final arrangements. If we get a full bus, it will depart from the Senior Center parking lot at 3:00 p.m. Call 341- 5923 for further information.

Caregiving can leave you exhausted, depressed, and feeling extremely frustrated when you are caring for someone with memory loss. Whether it is the first stage or advanced stage of memory loss there are challenges which change daily. Do you need help trying to figure out how to cope? A workshop is now available at no cost to you which will help you develop a plan for coping.

You might even want to ask additional family members to participate if they are going to be a part of your caregiving. I have been informed these classes are very rewarding.

If there is enough interest in attending this two hour a week, six week session, I will set up a date.

Get your calendars out. Community Action Agency has notified the Center they plan on doing a “Walk for Warmth” on Saturday, Feb. 23. They will kick the walk off with a breakfast from 7:30-9 a.m. The walk will begin at 9 a.m. For further information, give Don Tyrell a call at 341-2452.

Money raised from the walk stays in Schoolcraft County to assist those in need of help with their heating bills.

What a nice little note, and what a surprise receiving such a nice package. It was received from Joy L. Anderson of Leland, Mich. Here goes:

“Thank you for your weekly column. It is the only article where I recognize names. I grew up in Manistique on Mackinac Avenue. My name is Joy Jimo Lang Anderson. Leslie (Penny) Gould Wilson was my mother.

I noticed from your articles that you give the seniors an opportunity to purchase merchandise. The enclosed items are crocheted and sewn by me. The small purses are made to hold a Rosary. I made larger coin purses to accommodate credit cards and bills. You can use the items for your shop or for prizes. The books make good presents for grandchildren. Happy Holiday!”

The handmade cloth books are adorable, but the little purses look like they had a lot of time spent making them. They are a must to see. Drop by the Center and check them out. A great big thank you to Joy for thinking of us, I am sure they will make great gifts. If you haven’t checked our gift shop out, you might want to drop by and do so. There is nothing like receiving a homemade gift!

How about sending a Christmas card to those who have sacrificed so much for us. The address is:

A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Avenue, NW

Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

We can never say “thank you” enough!

The Center received a very generous donation. The Medical Loan Closet has an electric scooter, thanks to Basil and Barbara Pizzala. If you know of someone needing one, please feel free to contact the Center at 341-5923. We ask for a $5 donation for a period of six months, which allows us to purchase more equipment as needed. Annette Spaulding also gave a donation to the loan closet.

Phyllis Toyra dropped by with several 2013 calendars for sharing.

A Monetary donation has been received in memory of:

• Darlene Welch from Lena Mae Gilroy.

Maintenance and Support donations were received from Jules Rivard and Esther Erickson.

BRIDGE Nov. 26: 1st-George Lowman, 2nd-Pat Flint, 3rd-Larry Savoie, 4th-Joyce LaTulip, 5th- Lois Bellville, CFC-Joyce Lesica. Hostess, Doris DeMars served Texas sheet cake and chips.

BRIDGE Nov. 30: 1st-George Lowman, 2nd-Larry Savoie, 3rd- Ray Krall, 4th-Lois Bellville, CFC-Betty Stewart. Hostess, Rosie Krall, served Halibut and Salmon Spread, cheese and crackers, venison sausage, pickles, and candy.

PINOCHLE Nov. 28: 1st-Peggy Beckman, 2nd-Gerry Henkle, 3rd-George Shampine,

Should’a Stayed Home-Arlene Demars.

500 Nov. 30: 1st-Don’a Nelson, 2nd-Teddy Bouchard, 3rd-Cathy Wise, Should’a Stayed Home- Perry Wise.

Birthdays this week: Dec. 7-Annette Cheston and Elaine Hartman, Dec, 9-Matt Weber, Dec. 10-Lyle Wheatley, Dec. 11-Marlyn Noffke, Dec. 12-Christine Keener, Dec. 13-Elizabeth LaTulip.

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