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Sheriff’s news and notes

Editor’s note: The Schoolcraft County Sheriff’s Department makes weekly submissions, reporting news and activities from the office. Activities are generally broken down into those occurring in the jail and those in individual townships. Other information may include jail information, such as the number of bookings and average jail population. Not all activities are reported.

Oct. 28 – Nov. 24, 2012


During the reporting period, the average daily population was 23.93 inmates. The highest count was 27, with the lowest being 21 inmates. There were 20 inmates booked into jail, while 26 were released. Of those booked into jail, 14 are male and six are female, and none are juvenile. Twelve were charged with felonies, 11 were charged with misdemeanors, and seven of those were jailed for alcohol-related offenses. Currently, as of Nov. 27, there are 19 inmates housed in the jail, four of which are female.


During the reporting period, 14 pieces of civil process were served throughout the county.


11-8-12: An inmate threatened suicide and became assaultive with staff. Staff, along with assistance from Manistique Public Safety and Sault Tribe Police, the inmate was removed from the cell and placed in the holding cell under constant observation status. Mental health professionals treated the inmate, who was eventually moved back into their cell.


11/9/12: A citizen reported break-ins to several camps north of Merwin Creek in Doyle Township.


11/13/12: A citizen reported her and her neighbor’s mailboxes were damaged by being pulled out of the ground and thrown into a nearby creek. 11/13/12: A deputy was sent to a camp building with a camping trailer located next to it due to an un-witnessed death. The occupant of the camping trailer, Jerry Ericks, 68, was reported to have been staying in the camping trailer for a while. When the owner of the property had not seen Ericks, he went to the trailer and found him unresponsive and called authorities.

Ericks was pronounced dead at the scene. The Michigan State Police, Manistique Public Safety Ambulance, and the Sault Tribe Police also assisted at the scene.


10/30/12: A citizen reported trespassing on his timbered property by a logger. Equipment was moved without incident.


10/29/12: A deputy investigated a car-deer accident.


The sheriff and undersheriff spent several nights together during the reporting period patrolling the county. Additionally, the undersheriff patrolled one night alone in the county. During these periods, all township areas were patrolled. The sheriff’s office had the following activity during the reporting period: four persons were fingerprinted for concealed pistol licenses, 11 gun registrations, and five animal complaints.

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Any questions or comments can be directed to Sheriff Grant Harris at sheriff@schoolcraftcounty.net or 341-2122.

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