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Fish Report

Well, here we are with Thanksgiving week already here and deer season half over way too soon, and on top of this the weather for deer season has been our Indian Summer. How often have I said, if we have nasty weather before deer season we will have weather that is way too nice for deer season. It is nice weather for those my age but not for those that like some snow and cold for hunting.

But some hunters were successful and in some areas there were some nice bucks taken. Some of the camps I was by had their full crew up for the week of the opener. But on Sunday US-2 was bumper to bumper with hunters heading back below the bridge. Of course we will get a few transplanted locals up for the Thanksgiving holiday to eat turkey and do some hunting.

I told Wifee when you stop and think of all the work and preparation an average Yooper goes through for a week or less hunting with family or friends it may be a good thing they do not require an IQ test for hunters. I think I always haul a truck load or two of gear with me just in case I might need it. I have never used it all in my fifty-plus years of hunting but one never really knows, so you better be prepared just in case.

Wifee and I enjoyed having one of our young grandson’s up for his first hunt and these times are sure special. You would have had more than one good laugh listening to him talk about his hunting adventure. It is totally amazing what kind of perspective one his age can have at how his hunt is going. Maybe more of us would be better off with a youthful outlook on things than some we have after all those years of seeing about everything that could happen to us.

On opening day he got a shot at a deer that flipped right over backwards and then took off. We found some hair but try as we might we could not find any blood or any other signs of the deer being hurt badly.

As luck would have it he was again sitting with his dad when once again a deer came in, stood about in the same spot, and this time he made a good shot. After hearing the shot I came walking over and he came up to me and said, “Grandpa we don’t have to track this one it dropped right there!” (This with him having a big grin from ear to ear all the time.)

I told him to take the fourwheeler and go back to camp and get grandma and her camera while dad and I got the deer. When he got back with grandma we took some pictures and there were four real happy people out there on this day.

I have to tell you this story, between the deer that he shot at opening day and the one he shot and got, he had shot at one during bow season too. Now in his youthful mind he had to have hit all three deer so he told grandma, “I shot three deer!” Grandma tried to explain to him he could not shoot three deer and maybe he should not tell people that he had shot three deer. I wish Wifee luck in trying to convince him he just maybe missed a deer or two before he made a good shot on one.

In life I have seen a lot of things change but yet it seems like some things never change no matter how life goes. More than 50 years ago when Uncle Randall and dad’s cousins came up for deer season they very seldom took a deer home. In fact, I guess this is where I really learned that camp life and family was way more important than getting a buck.

But while in Hardees’ Sunday morning I saw something that brought back memories of dad and camp. In pulled a crew of hunters heading back home with a four-wheeler on a trailer behind their vehicle. On both sides of the four-wheeler were some Christmas trees.

I talked to one of the hunters that said they had been up hunting and were heading home without any deer. I told them about family members that used to come up back in the early 50s and they too seldom took home any deer but they always went home with a Christmas tree so Christmas would be celebrated with a touch from home. (Ontonagon)

He laughed and said we have a couple Christmas trees on the trailer to take home with us. I laughed and said I had noticed them when they pulled in. We had a good laugh.

So remember you can take a Yooper out of the U.P. but they will always want to take a piece of the U.P. back home with them.

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