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Senior Center

I have to share a small article which I found interesting out of the AARP bulletin. They commented they paid $420 a month at their pharmacy for a brand-name drug with no generic. A Canadian online pharmacy sells this brand, the same dosage and quantity, for $135. Are the pills legitimate? How can I check?

The answer was to look for a pharmacy certified by CIPA, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association. That means it’s licensed by the Canadian government, dispenses drugs only with a doctor’s prescription and maintains other quality standards. It is suggested that you go to cipa.com/ verify-pharmacy.

Did you know there are currently 24 children in foster care in Schoolcraft County. Are you interested in becoming a Foster Grandparent? They are looking for loving and committed homes to care for children in our community.

Foster parents need to be able to be:

• Willing to work with the child’s birth parents

• Supportive of efforts to return the child home

• Able to work with children who have significant emotional and behavioral needs

• Able to encourage teens toward independent living.

To become a licensed foster parent applicants must:

• Complete mandatory orientation where an application will be available

• Successfully complete background clearances for all adult household members

• Provide medical statements for all household members

• Have an environmental inspection (when applicable)

• Provide three acceptable references

• Pass on-site visits to the home by the licensing worker

• Attend training pertinent to foster care issues.

If you are interested and would like further information to help one of the 24 children, I encourage you to contact Heather Johnston at (906) 290-1535 or (906) 228-0779 to inquire more about the process in becoming a foster parent.

You know how I am always trying to support organizations, etc. who work so hard and struggle so hard to make a go. I recently received the nicest letter from the Rapid River Congregational Church, where apparently many of you went. I would like to share it with you. Here goes:

Dear Connie, I’m sending this letter to you to show our appreciation for your assistance in promoting our church’s recent rummage and bake sale. It was one of the best fundraisers we have had and many of your people were there to celebrate with us.

We again are asking you to let your people know of our upcoming Christmas Bazaar to be held at their church’s Parish Hall Saturday, Dec. 1. They will be offering a Holiday Dinner for $8 for adults and ages 5-12 for $3. Under the age of 5 will be free. The bake sale will include cookie plates, fruit cakes, crafts, raffles, etc.

For those of you who want to take a nice little drive but do not know how to get there the directions are: Coming from Manistique, turn left at Jack’s Restaurant corner in Rapid River. Go down four blocks and you will find the church right across from the Tot Lot.

We look forward to seeing you for a merry beginning of your Christmas season. Sincerely, Georgie Safford. Any questions feel free to call Georgie at (906) 474-9938.

Yum, yum! I have to share a recipe with you which is one of my favorites and I am sure it will be yours too! It is actually Jean Flodin’s recipe.

Homemade Carmels

2 Sticks of Butter

2 Cups of Sugar

1 Can Eagle Brand Milk

1 Cup of White Karo Corn Syrup

Cook the above ingredients between low and medium really slow, stirring constantly, to a soft ball. (240) Remove from heat and add 1 teaspoon of vanilla. Pour intoawellbuttered9x13pan. Let cool. (Do Not Refrigerate.)

When cooled, score with a knife, eight across and 12 length wise of pan. After completely cool, cut into pieces using the score lines. Wrap each individual piece with wax paper, twisted on each end.

If you try these, I can promise you will never want another bought caramel. These melt in your mouth. Once again, yum, yum!!!

Greeting cards were donated by Val Carroll and Madolyn Eberts. Heeman and Nancy Strasler also donated a conventional oven.

A candy donation was received from Eris Webb, Lori Wood and Jean Flodin. Eidth Greene dropped by with craft supplies and Eris Webb and Ray and Rosie Krall gave miscellaneous donations.

Medical equipment was donated by Good Neighbors (Loney L. Wethy, Jr.) Rita and Bruce Rossier dropped by the Center with their monthly donation of cupcakes along with Mary Lou and John Arnold surprising us with cupcakes and door prizes all wrapped and ready to “give away.” Thank you!

The Amity Group has been at it again! They dropped by with a “large” donation of military package items. We are still looking for addresses to ship these packages out to, as our list is getting low. Help us out by sharing your family, friends or neighbors addresses of those serving our country.

Monetary donations have been received in memory of:

• Walter Peterson from Cheryl Robere

• Frank Creeden from Betty Heinz

Maintenance and support donations were received from George and Mildred Bosanic, Bill and Pat Hazel, Dorothy Hoholik and Linda Langrill.

BRIDGE Nov. 9: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-Carol Hough, 3rd- Betty Stewart, 4th Mary Lou Marx, 5th-Janice Redeker, CFCMary Ann Thorell. Hostess, Audrey Savoie served pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and rhubarb pie with ice cream and cheese crackers.

BRIDGE Nov. 12: 1st-Larry Savoie, 2nd-Audrey Savoie, 3rd- Julie Hoholik, 4th-Patsy Calhoun, 5th-Hanna Mammen, CFC-Joyce Lesica. Hostess, Bev Jahn served cranberry nut bundt cake and cheese puff balls.

PINOCHLE Nov. 14: 1st- Nancy Casey, 2nd-Cathy Wise, 3rd-George Shampine, Should’a Stayed Home – Carol Shampine.

500 Nov. 9: 1st-Carl Sundling, 2nd-Pat Clark, 3rd-Char Turek, Should’a Stayed Home-Teddy Bouchard

Birthdays this week: Nov. 24-Phyllis Nedeau, Nov. 25-Carl Sundling, Nov. 28-Joyce Demers and Virginia Erickson, Nov. 29- Rita Salter, Nov. 30-Helen Norbotten, Janice Redecker and Rick Tallman. Happy birthday wishes to all!

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