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Confessions of a photo fiend

Lois A. Corcoran Lois A. Corcoran You could blame it on my upbringing. As a professional photographer, my dad captured every family event in a flurry of photos.

My great grandfather also made his living as a picture taker, so genetics may play a role. Whatever the reason, I plead guilty to the crime of photo fiend.

This shutterbug hasn’t always been selective about her subjects however. My early efforts saw me snapping pictures of tennis shoes and oddly shaped potatoes.

So I was thrilled when my son appeared on the scene and served as a real live model. Each morning I dressed him in little boy outfits and propped him up for a photo shoot. Our baby “album” includes 13 volumes.

This habit gathered momentum when he started school, with all of the Kodak moments that entails. And, clearly, it’s reaching a crescendo. When Kell posed for his senior pictures at a local studio, I was “this close” to photographing the photographing.

Though he’s never objected to this unceasing assault, others have threatened to strangle me with my camera strap.

I’ve always subscribed to the belief that we should never miss a chance to take the photo of a lifetime. Unfortunately, my wouldbe models did not necessarily share that philosophy. A few saw me as a candidate for one of those hairy interventions you see on Dr. Phil.

To be honest, I question this behavior myself at times. We Corcorans are drowning in a sea of photos. Many of them never made it into albums and instead languish in the same envelopes that came from the store. Without scrapbook labels, I’m left to wonder, Who is this person and why did I photograph her?

And while it’s fun taking a leisurely stroll through my collection of albums, it can prove maddening trying to locate a specific picture among the thousands.

Thank heaven we never took a vacation. Imagine how many more snapshots I’d amass. Worse, I’d sport a permanent tan line on my face in the shape of a camera.

The first step on the road to recovery involves admitting we have a problem. Gradually, I’ve begun to realize that perhaps I’m a tad over the top in the photography department.

Maybe, just maybe, I spend too much time trying to capture a moment and not enough time LIVING it. So I intend to give it a rest.

At least till the grandkids come along.

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