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Black Friday shoppers expected to spend big

Clothing, gift cards hot items for season

MANISTIQUE – Black Friday is here, and according to one national survey, shoppers will once again be out in droves looking for the perfect gift. While the actual number of holiday bargain hunters is expected to decrease slightly, the amount each will spend may increase.

In the National Retail Federation survey, nearly 147 million people plan to hit the stores Black Friday weekend – down from the 152 million who planned to in 2011. While 71 million will scour the early morning deals on Friday, 76 million said they would check out in-store specials throughout the weekend.

The survey also found shoppers plan to spend slightly more than they did last year, though they will do so with money they have or have saved, rather than using a credit card. Approximately 43 percent will use debit cards, while only 28.7 percent will use charge accounts.

The most popular gifts this year, according to the NRF, include clothing and clothing accessories and gift cards. Toys, books, CDs, DVDs, and videos come next on the list of the most popular items, while 22.5 percent of shoppers plan to purchase jewelry – the highest percentage since 2007.

Locally, ShopKo Hometown released its list of the some of the anticipated hot holiday items. Android based tablets, smart TVs, single-serve coffee makers, and personal computer tablets for young children are among those gifts expected to be in high demand.

The Wii U, the successor to Nintendo’s popular Wii console which launched Nov. 18, is also expected to fly off shelves. Retail price for the console is $299 and includes the gaming console and controller that is also a color tablet.

The toy brands expected to be in greatest demand include Barbie, Lego, Monster High, Nerf, Fisher Price, Hot Wheels and Matchbox.

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