2012-11-22 / Community

‘Flower cards’ available

MANISTIQUE – The GFWC Manistique Women’s Club is now offering “flower cards”. The $25 card allows for one fresh floral bouquet each month for 2012- 13 from the Flower Shop at Ben Franklin.

“This is a terrific present because the recipient will be reminded each month of your gift when she redeems her coupon,” said Sherri Krause, member of the GFWC. “Who wouldn’t enjoy having a pretty bouquet each month? We’re so delighted that the Flower Shop at Ben Franklin again agreed to offer this promotion with us.”

Bearers may receive only one bouquet a month, and delivery is not available. If the card is lost, no replacement will be provided.

Flower cards are available at Suzy’s Shadow Box and from members of the Women’s Club Fountain Committee. Proceeds from the sale will benefit the Community Fountain Project.

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