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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to vote this year.

Our county had almost 62 percent turnout. Some townships had over 70 percent.

I would also like to thank those who worked at the polls and all of our clerks and board of canvases.

I personally was impressed with the explanation as to how the ballot would be tallied by the person who handed me my ballot.

William L. Anderson

Cooks, Mich.

Dear Editor,

I see in the Tribune ad (Nov. 8) that the Schoolcraft Road Commission will not be plowing local roads on weekends unless there is an accumulation of snow greater than 4 inches.

My question to the road commission is, “Do the chuck holes have to be 4 inches deep or more before they will grade the road or put a load of gravel in them?” Check out Thunder Lake Rd. or 437 from Stueben to Thunder Lake. I know how soldiers must feel travelling through a mine field … four miles either way from my home is what it’s like. It’s ridiculous! I also wonder how the log trucks and horse trailers manage. Also the delivery trucks between M-94 to U.S. 2?

P.S. The tree I cut from the road three weeks ago and pushed to the side so there was one lane of traffic is still there.

Ted Burson


Dear Editor,

I was stunned to read the Garden Township news letter and the review of the Heritage Wind Farm Estimate of tax revenue.

It’s no secret that I have been strongly opposed to this project and now that the turbines are built, my worst fears are realized. Unfortunately for me, I stare down all 13 turbines from what used to be my beautiful Garden Bay shoreline. I knew the turbines would destroy my view but I did not anticipate that I would also be able to hear their annoying and ever constant roar.

To now see the estimated $95,000 reduction in turbine tax revenue baffles my mind on how this all could have happened and what was gained?

Unfortunately for me and my neighbors, our quality of life and home values have plummeted.

But to all those who may face “phase 2 and phase 3”: come on over and sit in my yard on a nice summer day and look and listen to the buzz saw before you too have to suffer the same fate.

I always enjoyed Garden and considered it my home. I can only hope that some day I can go back in my yard and enjoy the view and listen to the silence.

Jim Skinner

Garden Bay

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend a “thank you” to the men and women that participated in the Veteran’s Day ceremony at the high school. Your words reminded me of the very freedom we take for granted on a daily basis.

Thank you to the attendees that showed respect during the ceremony and as for the other attendees: 45 minutes out of your life is not too much to ask you to pay honor and tribute to the men and women that have served and fought for your freedom and continue to do so every day. It is not too much to ask you to please stand and place your hand over your heart when the American flag is brought into a room and the national anthem is played. It is not too much to ask you to sit up in your seat and pay attention. It is not too much to ask you to please do not talk.

Remember it wasn’t too much to ask our veterans to sacrifice their lives for ours.

Sarah Williams


Dear Editor,

This is response to a letter lately about the Schoolcraft County Jail’s condition and the way it is run and maintained by our outgoing sheriff and county commissioners. I think the new Sheriff John Norrington will have a much better working relationship with the commissioners. I Larry Kouw am in this jail for doing and speaking the truth at this time and always. Other than two cops and neighbors. Come to a court session and you will see and hear it all. Now the jail. This building is solid as a rock all masonary (sic)-stone. It’s the lack of maintence (sic). The downstairs there is nothing wrong with, just normal wear and big enough. Sheriff’s is (sic) office is plenty big for him to drink his special coffee and write his weekly sheriff’s report. Rarely a response to inmate about grivence (sic) report. The low security inmate area, needs just normal wear maintence. The windows and screens something should be looked at so people don’t pass drugs from the outside to inmates inside. The truth. The drunk tank need work – no water hardly comes out to get water to drink or wash hands. Bad health conditions. Floor is all cracked and ants and bugs crawl out. The open drain has stagnit (sic) water sitting in it and backs up and gergols (sic) when you flush the toilet. I seen it I was just in it last week. Now the upstairs when your going to cell area hallways is black tile adhesise (sic) and patches of grey concrete.

The adhesive flaking off when you walk on or broom it im sure isn’t the best for your health. Maybe that’s why people get a little irate up here. I think the county commissioners should have had money set aside, before they told employees to remove the asbestos tiles 10 to 12 years ago. Not months, years. The wall are all painted good. New windows they did wrong some years ago, need insulation tucked around them and caulked right. So you don’t look outside. Shower walls need to be sandblasted, primed-painted. Not keep putting paint over-over. Shower walls are heavy sheet metal and angle iron corners. The plumbing pipes rattle, I think they need more support. Main thing with water system is needs recirculating (sic) pump on hot line. You have to flush toilet several times to get hot water to shower and sink. Waisting (sic) taxpayers money on wasted water. Check with plumber. Roof is leaking on people like Mr. Fleming said in his letter to editor. Beautiful concrete dock plank roofno rotting wood just new a PVC rubber roof put on. Comissioners (sic) start budgeting money for new roof. I had to on my old video building. I read to editor senior citizen board budgeted $75,000 for repairs over the years. Good job to Connie and two boards. Commissioner and sheriff start budgeting take after your wise old elders.

Larry Kouw


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