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News from MAS

Students in Mrs. Hoholik’s morning third grade class were treated to a small concert by Manistique High School seniors, Kenner Broullire (piano) and Mindy Hoholik (violin). These students take music as an independent study at MHS. They played a variety of their favorite songs from pop to classical. The students enjoyed the concert very much. Mindy and Kenner explained that music adds many positive aspects to their lives. Learning to play an instrument takes dedication and lots of practice. It is important that kids try many different activities while they are young, and playing an instrument is just one way that kids can enrich their lives. What great examples of poise and diverse interests to have these high achieving students and athletes come and share another talent.

Mrs. McCune’s morning third grade class took part in the election process on Nov. 6. Students showed their picture ID, voted in their booth, and slid their ballot into the ballot box. Afterward, they tallied their results and made a bar graph. Their winner was President Obama. Mrs. Morrison’s and Ms. Barton’s fifth grade classes at Emerald just finished their unit on elections. The unit began with an activity where students learned about the Electoral College with Coke and Pepsi!

Manistique High School seniors Mindy Hoholik (above) and Kenner Broullire recently shared their musical talents with Mrs. Hoholik’s third grade class at Emerald Elementary Manistique High School seniors Mindy Hoholik (above) and Kenner Broullire recently shared their musical talents with Mrs. Hoholik’s third grade class at Emerald Elementary Students were assigned a state, its number of electoral votes, and cast their vote for Coke (Red) or Pepsi (Blue) – turning the map red and blue. The unit culminated with campaigning, and each class electing their own class president and vice president. When asked to reflect on what they learned in the unit, students reported the following: “Red states are Republican and blue states are Democratic.”; “Candidates have to do a lot to get voters to vote for them.”; “The president doesn’t win by popular vote, but by Electoral College votes.”; “You have to register to vote.”; “You have to be 18 or older to vote for president of the United States.”; and “You have to have responsibility.” Ms. Barton and Mrs. Morrison hope that all of their students will take what they learned and become responsible voters when they turn 18!

Mr. Shiner, middle and high school principal, reminds parents of juniors that the Michigan Merit Exam is coming during the month of March. The MME is a combination of tests given over a three day period. The first day is the ACT which includes a writing component. Day two is an employability test called “Work Keys”. The last day of testing is given to Michigan standardized testing. On this day, students will test in the areas of math, science, English, and social studies. The importance of this test cannot be overstated. A student’s ACT score determines college acceptance, and the availability of grant/scholarship monies. It is essential that students study for this exam. There are an abundance of online prep sites, as well as paper study guides. To the district, the test scores impact how we are judged by the Michigan Department of Education. Please contact either Mr. Shiner or Mr. Rochon, guidance counselor, if you need assistance finding preparation materials.

The month of November is the TV-6 Canathon YETI Challenge. Students can drop off canned items to the following teachers: 6th grade – Mrs. Lowman; 7th grade – Mr. Ashbrook; 8th grade – Mrs. Marana; 9th grade – Mr. Block; 10th grade – Mrs. Vitale; 11th grade – Mrs. Schwartz; and 12th grade – Mrs. Ashbrook.

“The things you do for others mark your place in the world.” Please help support YETI!

The first Emerald Girls’ JV and varsity basketball home game is Nov. 30. The first Emerald Boys’ JV and varsity basketball game is Dec. 4. Emerald “White Out” tshirts are being sold every Monday and Friday in the MS/HS Cafeteria. Cost is $10. Show your Emerald spirit by showing up in your Emerald White Out t-shirt!

Reminder to parents: There is school on Friday, Nov. 16. School is closed for Deer Day on Nov. 15. Thanksgiving Break: no school on Nov. 21, 22, and 23. Classes resume on Monday, Nov. 26.

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