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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Having just come back from vacation in a still free America I was not surprised at what I saw in the paper about this coming election. America has been a very blessed nation. I confess we’ve had it too good. We have turned our backs on our founding principles. I see Becky Miles was attacked for stating, her opinion, and nowhere in her letter is there anything about race. Tom Boyd states in his letter and I quote “this type of radical racist hate speech is not welcome in any civilized society,””unquote. Why do democrats always play the race card. We do not care that Mr. Obama is black, we care that he has done a poor job. I don’t know about anyone else out there but I don’t want to be fundamentally changed. By the time this letter is in the paper it will all be over and whatever the outcome it will be in the Lord’s hands. So does that mean if Mr. Obama is re-elected its God’s will – yes but he is just a means to the eventual end, and if Mr. Romney is elected then it will be by the Grace of God.

Becky Nelson


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